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Versiunea scurtă a filmului Widowmaker – acum cu SUBTITULURI incluse pentru germană, spaniolă, franceză, poloneză, suedeză, finlandeză, africană, braziliană / portugheză, olandeză, română, sârbă, estonă, engleză și thailandeză – cu multe alte limbi pe drum. Deci, indiferent de naționalitatea dvs., puteți cunoaște scorul. Și luați măsuri – înainte să fie prea târziu.

Versiunea completă a lungimii filmului este pe Netflix – și pe alte platforme!

Este adevărat, mulți dintre voi, peeps LCHF și ceto-cunoscuți, pot face deja lucrurile potrivite pentru a preveni progresia – asta este super. Dar ce-i cu celelalte 99% dintre oamenii din lume, care nu au niciun indiciu al intervențiilor nutriționale corecte pentru bolile de inimă? Cine acumulează calciu fără să știe, în timp ce își mulge „wholegrains sănătoși”? Au dreptul la acest apel de trezire – vă rugăm să împărtășiți, astfel încât aceste persoane cu boli de inimă ascunse să poată acționa. Își vor da seama că au fost escrocați de zeci de ani de sfaturi nutriționale proaste. Apoi vor căuta și vor găsi soluțiile corecte, înțelegând că ceva uriaș a fost neplăcut și „sistemul” le-a eșuat în esență. Bolile de inimă pot fi gestionate și progresia poate fi stopată – dar mai întâi trebuie să știți dacă o aveți.
Video despre inversarea calcificării aici: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4RipKub_Y8

Solicitare de ajutor: caut oameni care să traducă noul fișier de subtitrare în chineză în special – dacă știți pe cineva care poate ajuta, ar fi foarte apreciat! Trimiteți e-mail la thefatemperor@gmail.com – mulțumesc în avans!


  1. In Australia it costs about 400AUD for a CAC but you have to be referred by a Doctor first.

  2. "They" don't want you to die, but they don't want you to thrive either. That isn't profitable.

  3. 1903 in the LAD 1931 over all last month. That's the numbers.

  4. Where to get CAC in UK ?
    Loads of mention of scan.
    BUT……….. Can't find any link to where to get one done and how to go about it.

  5. I'm thinking Steven Nissen MD is being paid off by somebody. Thank you Ivor for this video and I will be getting my CAC score even though my insurance company will not pay for it

  6. How and where to get my own scan done in the UK without a referral? It’s proving difficult so far!

  7. 28:44 Steve E. Nissen, "Well, I'm not a fan of it (CAC scan). To date, no one's been able to show that knowing how much calcium is in the arteries actually allows you to change the outcome for patients; so it tells you who's at risk, but it doesn't tell you what to do for them." Does this make sense to anyone out there?

  8. Sorry, but Oxford and Cambridge are world's most famous universities.

  9. I wanna join CAC scan medical cult.

  10. Don't forget Hitchcock's Vertigo was shot in SF.

  11. The man at the 47:06 mark of this video tells the bottom line of our insurance and BigRx and because of that nothing will ever change . Evil and Greed!!! Bottom Line!

  12. Regarding the use of CAC test for determining atherosclerosis risk.. any thoughts on Peter Attia's recent AMA #5, where he suggests that a CAC shows how much damage you've had in the past (ex. "how many times you've been broken into and what kind of repair has been done"), but doesn't indicate the current health of the body/blood like a biomarker (ex. "how bad a neighborhood you live in"). He also mentions that nearly half of fatal heart-attacks occur in non-calcified areas.

    Also, if you increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the post-meal high blood glucose / spikes , is it possible to reverse the atheroma and/or the calcium plaque used in the repair?

  13. I had hoped this would go into how to reverse it.
    All we saw was your boss slowing it down a bit, and not even really anything on how he did this….

  14. Did they interview Dr Nissen again afterwards?

  15. I do not imagine Dr Nissen is really as stupid as his statement that "knowing how much calcium is in the arteries does not allow you to change the outcome"? He says "it tells you who is at risk but it does not tell you what to do for them" . It is disingenuous. These businesses (like Cleveland, Mayo Clinic) simply are not prepared to lose the money for carrying out unnecessary angiograms on folk who have no heart disease (ie are effectively cleared by a zero result from a CAC exam). This represents millions of dollars a year in lost business, so they will continue to pour cold water on the calcium test. Big business at its worst – their focus on only on dollars and not peoples lives.

  16. Thanks Ivor. I have ‘high’ cholesterol but am otherwise very healthy and on keto. Doctor said statins, I said no I want a CAC score.Got the result last week – ZERO

  17. the legend of stents! Short term victory, long term terminal. Money, money, money!!!

  18. I love this video. Not only does it show the truth behind politicians (wonder how much money they pocketed) but the greed of the big pharma, AND insurance companies.

  19. “Medical Cults”….what a jock!

  20. Everyone needs to watch this film.

  21. My grandmother grew up in Minn. Lived to be 101. At 95 lived alone in her small but typical home in St. Paul.
    Doubtful she ever traveled from her home state in her life, Raised 4 children during the depression.
    Out of necessity they had to incorporate food from the aged packaged and canned commodities that were left over from WW1 (maybe) Powdered eggs, milk , cheese, Etc, and cans of beef lard. She ate lard sandwiches on some regular basis. A trip by streetcar in the winter paints a very dire picture , does it not?

    My mother said often and with some real emotions she recalls when grandma cried when there was no food in the house. The advice to share here is clear, An assortment of good fresh clean edibles are of benefit.
    Clean water to drink and fresh air to breath much more vastly important (we are giant airpumps really )
    However…all the medical numbers derived by machines are of little use if first and foremost the mind is
    plagued by immense stress. Nutrient less food adds to the downhill from birth mixture of dis-ease.
    With all my years of seeking peak fitness, a golden happiness , a zest for life, and the joys of a well lived life, It is the "MIND" that gets you to be a happy and very calm and nobly humble 101.
    The #1 reason humans reach 100sville is the "Ability to COPE with a loss!" Not something eaten in a pill.
    If true brute strength, or the wisdom of A. Enstein came in a swallowed capsule, we'd all be taking them!

    Body builders, marathon trainers, all agree on this simple muscle protocol …Stress/ Recovery/ Adaptation!!!
    The Mind, more than the body, needs this type of reboots, and holds dear these same 3 things.
    To take the 3 step to the outer limits, this entire planet undergoes the very same turmoil ever second it revolves. The oceans, the forests, the dirt the concrete the farms and cities are built upon rely on it!
    With a toxic monster for the body and mind to make sense of. We talk of heading to Mars as salvation. Wow!

  22. The UCLA findings are pretty concerning. Over 50% of people in the USA , over 30 years old, are type 2 diabetic. Many showing none of the classic risk factor markers. High sugar is a serious indicator of high inflammation.

  23. They mention cholesterol being a contributor to heart disease. Didn't the new research show that is no longer true?

  24. If your score is high what do you do to reverse it?

  25. The healthcare system should be renamed the sick care system. By not including preventative testing to be covered under insurance, that is a clear indication they are not in the business of trying to prevent disease. There’s no money in no diseases.

  26. So how much meat can we eat, what portion size? Can the same be achieved on a whole food plant based diet?

  27. So what I hear from this was that Coronary Arterial Calcium scanning could alert people at risk at a much earlier age at which time they could modify their diet and exercise to possibly avoid or postpone the serious effects of heart disease.

    Much criticism is made of stents but stents have improved my quality of life immensely and probably allowed me to avoid a heart attack.

    That being said CAC scanning at the appropriate age, the Texas legislation mentioned 40 would alert people to the presence of significant levels of arterial plaque and they could then modify their diet and exercise.

    They big hole in this discussion is how do we reduce arterial calcium deposits. I have read about and following Dr Linus Pauling's protocol of high does of vitamin C and Lysine. I have also read about a myriad of of remedies online but none seem accepted by the medical community.

    How do we remove plaque from arteries?

  28. My daily booster for hypochondrism, I am 17, it would theoretically be better to know what my CAC is rather than to not know, however I do not have that much money. What is the process though that kickstarts the actual process of the build-up in arteries? Is it cortisol that makes them calcify up, because I have heard pro-keto advisers saying that carbs and insulin change cause inflammation and that kind of stuff that causes it to build up.

    I am not overweight, do not smoke or drink alcohol, I am bulking up though, I am working out so I am not going ketogenic for now as I'll become skinnier than I am.

    Not sure what the risks are for someone like me.

    The only time I ever checked my C-Reactive protein, it was 1.9 but it might have increased temporarily as I mildly nervous before the bloodwork and I have heard that CRP and inflammation in general can be temporarily elevated from muscle repair or it can be pretty fluid and different.

    Does having a diet that has calcium and D3 supplemented from food cause the amount of calcium that the body would allocate to heal the plaque increase in case of a plaque.

    And what creates the very plaque itself, before chloresterol and calcium goes into there? Oxidative stress? Or it can also be pretty random, still everything is caused by something and everything resuls into something.

    I like these straight on point medical topics though.

    Nowadays important stuff is masked and slided off by oversimplified and misunderstood, monetized medical advice.

    Such as the oversimplified definition about how eating "bad chloresterol" animal foods can increase the chance of asteroschrelosis happening and eating nuts and vegetable pseudo-oils can decrease it.

  29. In the video, it is claimed that insurance companies don't cover scans because the payback is long-term, whereas the typical insurance customer is on the plan for five years or less. 45:33.
    A $125 scan vs a $50,000 stent creates a huge incentive to scan, if all insurance companies did it. But they don't.
    I suspect they are fearful of a large increase in the number of scans being done, and the additional medical procedures that people would want after seeing the scan results. Note that even David Bobbett went in for a second scan, two years after the first one, and he would be likely to get more in the future. And then, if the scan shows trouble is brewing, the patient would probably use other medical services. If insurance companies covered scans, their total expenses might greatly exceed the costs of stents, or other procedures. Many more people would get scans if these were covered by insurance, and it would alert many people to their risks, increasing yet again medical care costs. Scans would open a can of worms for them.

    Even automobile insurance companies don't want to pay for scans of vehicles, after a wreck. https://www.nbc4i.com/news/investigates/better-call-jackson/man-shocked-to-learn-insurance-won-t-cover-required-scans-after-crash/1308059432
    Scanning an auto would like likely add to their costs, and the scans would find even more damage, resulting in even more repair expenses to the insurance companies.

    The auto insurance parallel seems to support the 'too many" scans idea, and not the reasons given in the video. People don't keep their cars their whole lives, and so there is little issue about changing companies, like the medical insurance industry is saying.

    I think the insurance companies find their explanation easier to give than saying they think their payouts would increase. Letting people die must be cheaper for insurance companies than paying for lots of tests and additional medical procedures.

    But really…. do we need to have scans to tell us we need to change our lifestyles? If people stopped eating sugary, processed foods, that alone would fix the majority of health problems. Do people have to face death in order to be motivated to change?

    Great upload, Ivor. Thanks! Who is David Barker, the producer? Is this him? https://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-medicine/departments/the-moore-institute/people/david-barker.cfm

  30. What someone who has high calcium score in the arteries should do to reverse it? Go keto or vegan?

  31. I believe in heart scans. But the amount of time and pointless innuendo spent by this video blathering on about the riches earned by stent practitioners is irrelevant and unnecessarily nasty. It implies you have a weak argument. Why waste time on that when you have good science supporting heart scans?on

  32. David Bobbet didn't tell what he actually did to improve. Vegan or plant based or what? What kind of punishing routine?

  33. Here's a shock for u: IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY!!! Sick/dying human beings=$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  34. My Brown Helmet Post.

    A different point of view. Why someone doesn’t bring up – All those Tax Payers – Gone. —-all those future Tax Payers – gone. $$$$ gone.

    Medical Egos. You’d think any tool would be welcome. I bet money dr. Steven Nissen has had a scan. Cleveland Clinic ?. Saw that the honchos from Kaiser had their scans and still gave it the “Brown Helmet”.

  35. I used to think that medicine had made great advances, and it has except that there is a gigantic body of stupid, greedy, backward physicians and insurance people (bureaucrats) that stand in the way of progress toward real substantial improvement of our lives. I thought the Cleveland Dr's calling of the advocates of the scan "cult" members to be classic. At least we don't burn people at the stake any longer.

  36. this needs to be on netflix..

  37. Great doco, thank you immensely for posting it.

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