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Toți studenții trebuie să înțeleagă comorile, istoria și frumusețea pe care capitala națiunii le are de oferit. Explorați biblioteca noastră de destinație a excursiilor virtuale pe teren la www.virtualfieldtrips.org


  1. I learned a lot from this video! Thanks

  2. America First Always & Forever !

  3. I think you forgot to mention that the land where DC was built was donated by both Maryland and Virginia. The residents from
    Alexandria decided by vote to not be part of the District of Columbia thus the land was ceded back to Virginia. Kind of an omen of things to come. And also the original size of the city was supposed to be 100 square miles. But Alexandria's residents asked to havw the land returned back to Virginia and through a referendum on Retrocesion which they won by a majority Virginia got back the territory it had donated. Since then the area is 68.34 square miles.

  4. The U.S.A and Canada could and should try to become one country as much as possible. That way they can both be perfectly safe and pwoerful at the same time.

  5. Thank you for such a useful video

  6. Freemason capital of the world.

  7. Not gonna lie, I watched this to get ready for The Division 2 ?

  8. speed 0.25 its so stupid

  9. learn how to say your s's

  10. لماذا مركبات الشحن ?

  11. لماذا يرفض ترامب ذلك ? 
    لماذا يرفض ترامب ذلك ? قضيه محنه خلق فرص عمل لجميع بلاد الشام لاطارات مركبات الشحن

  12. Ok est ce que je suis la seule française a regarder cette vidéo pour les cours d'anglais ? ??


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