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Faceți un tur în camerele statului de la Palatul Buckingham și descoperiți unele dintre cele mai apreciate obiecte din Colecția Regală.

Video de Jamie Moreland.

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  1. All build from the stolen money from India??

  2. Beautiful, but couldn’t it be a little slower?

  3. Too much! It's like a cup of tea saturated with sugar.

  4. Built such grand palaces by looting the world especially INDIA….

  5. This logo off bbc logo appear all of time and it's annoying. Please remove it ! After it was awsome

  6. Tacky. Did trump design this?

  7. does the queen live in here cus this place looks more like a museum then a living residence.

  8. Thank u so much for making this amazing video… I always wondered what Buckingham Palace looks inside …. I felt like I was in those rooms ?? I'm speechless.. Thank u so much

  9. GOOSH I never knew this was possible omg what what am I in future wtf helpp wooow

  10. Am fost aici este de poveste de vis superb ?

  11. it's actually quite small… sorry…

  12. It's nice but it still looks like a cottage compare to the Winter Palace and Versailles

  13. Super mewah istimewa.??????????

  14. I get eating that they didn’t include the Rooms where mold is covering the walls, windows are broken, and the ceiling has collapsed but no one does anything about it.

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