1. Got to visit this when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Hearing the music now makes me sad. I loved this cathedral and I saw a mass with the cardinal when I was there.

  2. A beautiful building full of architecture!

  3. This was a cathedral built for the glory of The Bishops Of Rome. It did have phenomenal acoustics though. Excellent venue for live music.

  4. You don't know what the F 360 degrees mean. Look it up.

  5. The Iron Priest that ran back in to save relics though!

  6. My gut is questioning why this burnt a few days after the government is attacking freedom of speech and jailing people who exposed crimes… idk it’s weird.

  7. It will shine again. Though theirs a lot of damage. The stone structure saved the building. The men who Designed this building where smart and knew fires where a risk.

  8. Thank you for giving those of us who have never seen the inside of it, the chance to virtually look around it before the fire. Thank you.

  9. Seigneur, que Dieu bénisse cette maison que Paris, en France, a gardée pendant mille [1000] ans. Merci à Dieu, la couronne d'épines a été préservée. Merci à Dieu, le célèbre orgue de Notre-Dame a été préservé. Merci à Dieu, la Croix d'or a été préservée. Seigneur, nous te demandons d'étendre tes mains ✋ ✋vers cette cathédrale de louange, de délivrance, de prémices et de culte. . . Notre Dame Paris, France. . . montrez-leur que votre main ne tarde pa guérir et à restaurer.

    Kyrie, eleison. . . Christe, eleison. . . Kyrie, eleison.


    The good news in all this is, that no one died in this fire, while wood and stone can be replaced, and even improved, despite the haters. Hopefully, the future roof will be made if possible, of non-flammable material, like steel and aluminum beams, including the spire; and like a phoenix rising from its ashes, maybe this old cathedral could become better than ever, as a model for environment friendly clean energy with new generation solar panels roofing, like a shining beacon on the whole world.


    La bonne nouvelle dans tout cela, c'est que personne n'est mort dans cet incendie, alors que le bois et la pierre peuvent être remplacés, voire améliorés, malgré les haineux. Espérons que le futur toit sera fabriqué, si possible, en matériau ininflammable, comme des poutres en acier et aluminium, y compris la flèche; et comme un phénix renaissant de ses cendres, peut-être même que cette vieille cathédrale pourrait devenir mieux que jamais, comme un modèle d'énergie propre et plus respectueux de l'environnement, avec une toiture de panneaux solaires nouvelle génération, comme un phare sur le monde entier.
    1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/TuWsI429Ns4p/
    2. https://www.minds.com/media/965357008602660864?referrer=Renaud1000000
    3. https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/kJVcuPPJUVoEQ1V

    #NotreDameParis #FireNotreDameParis #FeuNotreDameParis #RebuildNotreDameParis #RebatirNotreDameParis

  11. So sad that it burned

  12. read about Islam and prophet Muhammad Islam is the truth way to paradise after this life prayer in the Mosque ? makes you glad and reassured. .

  13. It must be incredible to sing in a latin choir there. I sang in a latin choir in a small church and it was beautiful. What a tragedy

  14. Im ashamed of all those who are turning the burning of the cathedral into something political.

  15. Did anyone notice The orbs dancing in this video?

  16. News reports that on 15 April , 2019 , a massive fire gutted Notre –Dame Cathedral in Paris , has shocked those across the world who learnt about it. French President Macron has announced that they would rebuild it. In this context , it is apt to bring out here two articles of this Vedic astrology writer alerting likelihood of huge fire or such like worrisome concern in France calling for more care and appropriate strategy. The two related articles brought to public domain much prior are as follows :-

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  17. That's the worst 360 view ever.

  18. Tão linda, temos o privilégio de viver em uma época que apesar da destruição podemos ver essa velha senhora em toda a sua glória ❤

  19. So so typical, burning the historical church to distract the whole world from the crime of intentionally burning Alaqsa Mosque in Palestine (located inside the occupied area by Israel).

    Hey Macron, if you're indeed conspiring against your people to let the crime of burning the church distract the outside world and French citizens their movements against your stupid policy. The whole world will never forgive you for that.

    Hey AIPAC news channel (CNN) you intentionally didn't cover the burning of the Alaqsa Mosque.

    Wake up world, Zionists are on the move.

  20. And to think lots of its destroyed now. It could have been much worse so thanks to all the people the risked their lives to save this historical, beautiful building.

  21. i watching this and think fakenews from cnn again !!
    360 degree ??

  22. How could it survive 800 years , world war 1 world war II, and it burns in a few hours? Its diabolical.

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