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Un mic tur pe strada Quebec City.


  1. I live in Quebec City. I film this city a lot. Russian artist from Quebec City, Canada. A city with authentic architecture, magnificent, bewitching and inspiring!

  2. I once knew a man who had such long feet that he could not walk in the narrow streets of old Québec City!

  3. I know it's French Canadian but is there a French Canadian/German/British part of the city?

  4. c'est très beau là, si j'ai une chance une fois, j'ai envie du visiter.

  5. I am confused. When people say Quebec city and Old Quebec city. Are they talking about two different cities?

  6. I was there a couple months ago. Loved it. Quebec City is more European than Europe and more French than France.

  7. On dirais que je suis déjà canadien. Cette vidéo me le d heureux

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  9. Città incredibile.

  10. Archi plaisante
    cette vidéo et u
    e vue du fameux Quartier Champlain avec la fameuse rue piétonne la plus photographier au monde ainsi que son escalier casse coup

  11. I thought it was in Europe

  12. wow lots of chinese, it's truly and invasion, we're about the same in

  13. Good video. For the. nextime use Steadicam Is the best.

  14. very European feel reminds me of the narrow alleys and cobbles stones.

  15. Cool city I like it i want to move there Quebec city

  16. Cool cette visite

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