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Ne putem da seama unde am fost aruncați la întâmplare pe Pământ folosind Google Street View? Afla! GMM nr. 1310.3
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  1. I knew #1 was Paris, but it was Vegas!

  2. Love Rhett and Link but omg americans are horrendous at geography….

  3. Keep this series going!!!!

  4. Am hongry for chicken Keiv now. Don't really know why.

  5. They should have invited Captain Sparklez to this episode. That would have been fun

  6. Link casually smelling the darts hahaha

  7. You'd have given Rhett the points. Guarantee it. Smh.

  8. I don’t know how I got all of them correct from the first move.

  9. "This is where the dirt was" ?

  10. I guessed Stonehenge on 1 picture without them showing

  11. Link, how did you NOT get Las Vegas? Do you live under a rock?

  12. Who’s here for India’s taj mahal 3:13

  13. lol "that's Arabic." and "Kiev is in Russia'

  14. We played something like this in my geography class

  15. We played a game similar to this but there was more freedom in ELA. Kinda ironic. (Geoguessr) (it is spelt without the er at the end)

  16. Hey Rhett mentioned Goldsboro NC?

  17. Why give 2 points for Taj Mahal India and 1 point for Stonehenge England.
    Taj Mahal is as much the name of the structure as Stonehenge is.

    (Snorts decisively and keeps on enjoying the show).

  18. Wait Las Vegas has an Eiffel Tower????? Im so confused..

  19. How come I knew all of these within two moves?

  20. I’m from Paris Texas and we do have an Eiffel Tower but we don’t have that other thing you said?

  21. Goldsboro doesnt have the BBQ like we once did.. Wilbers has closed. But you guys are welcome to come visit anytime.. We all would love to meet you…

  22. I was screaming India omg

  23. I play this in my social studies class

  24. On the 1st picture, Link should have gotten 1 point because he got the country correct. If I'm not mistaken, they did say that was part of the scoring.
    (I have seen this video before, just rewatching old ones and noticed I had missed that previously).

  25. Im Scottish where are yous from

  26. I guess stone henge from the very first view. But I also visited stone henge last year

  27. Does zooming out a little count as a move?

  28. Nevadians: It's "Neva-da" not Neva-duh"! 2:27

  29. I thought it might be in vr, but I actually got the last one. I've been there so I'm happy about that.

  30. I got Vegas and Stonehenge on the first picture.
    India I needed the first move.
    The last one was a complete mystery to me.

  31. Link – Pfft. You think that's the Stonehenge, ha those are just piles of rocks lying around

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