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Acest video minunat de realitate virtuală VR de 360 ​​de grade (VR Walk), filmat într-o călătorie către Paris și principalele atracții și obiective turistice precum Turnul Eiffel (Tour Eiffel). Videoclip filmat pe camera Samsung Gear 360 (care este similar în calitate cu camera foto Nikon Keymission 360). Acest tur poate fi vizualizat perfect pe orice smartphone, iPhone sau Samsung Galaxy.
Folosind diferite căști vr, precum Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Playstation VR, Google Cardboard și Google Daydream View, simțiți experiența uimitoare și cufundați-vă în aventura VR în casa dvs.!

Video 360 ° cu modul panoramic cu aer
Data fotografierii: 9 februarie 2017


  1. واو أول مره بحياتي بشوف هيك فيديو

  2. hello Paris
    l have a question about the little giant girl will she return to the museum or will she perform again that's what we all want the people all over the world because she's not too old to continue


  4. Try this on the new Chinese glass bridge

  5. My dream destination
    My passion
    Paris lover

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  8. We're does the car parking located inside the tower?

  9. 0:29 find the true perspective and you see a scary man

  10. If you look down you can see a guy with short arms ❤️??

  11. Wer war alles schon mal in Paris ich ja ?

  12. Thank you very much…it might sounds weird but I was in tears… i never went there but wanted so badly

  13. 와, 정말 아름답습니다. 나는 거기에 있었으면 좋겠다.

  14. C'est impossible que çà soit de la HD 1080 vu la qualité déplorable de la vidéo. D'habitude en 1080 p HD, c'est d'une extrême netteté, ce qui n'est pas le cas : c'est flou ou très peu net.

  15. Really thank you. I am an student and never been to foreign country. Happy to see Eiffel on youtube by VR ! It seems like I am in here.

  16. I tried it on VR it was epic.. Well done

  17. nice nice thanks

  18. The Eiffel Tower was made of steel from Romania

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