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Acest video minunat de realitate virtuală de 360 ​​de grade VR tour (VR Walk), filmat într-o călătorie în Paris și principalele atracții și obiective turistice precum Catedrala Notre-Dame de Paris. Videoclip filmat pe camera Samsung Gear 360 (care este similar în calitate cu camera foto Nikon Keymission 360). Acest tur poate fi vizualizat perfect pe orice smartphone, iPhone sau Samsung Galaxy.
Folosind diferite căști vr, precum Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Playstation VR, Google Cardboard și Google Daydream View, simțiți experiența uimitoare și cufundați-vă în aventura VR în casa dvs.!

Video 360 °
Data fotografierii: 8 februarie 2017


  1. hello Paris
    is there a special giants museum for the giants from royal de luxe

  2. i was lucky enough to be there the day before it all went up in smoke

  3. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wish there would be Hunchback (Quasimodo) and Esmeralda actors running around just as attraction – that would be totally awesome haha

  5. The more I see stuff like this the more I want to actually get citizenship in Europe. I live in America and it's one big shopping mall shit hole.

  6. ?????????????????????


  8. Fire of satan only he. 666.

  9. Thank you for this as I will take in the Beauty to fill up my empty brain

  10. Notre Dame Memory …

  11. God does not like the people of French and England .


  13. A je m’entendait a un tout petit bâtiment

  14. Je connais cette place très bien ♥♥notre _ dame♥♥ Paris

  15. Wonderful video. I'm so glad that 1 year ago this month I got the opportunity to visit this fabulous cathedral.

  16. I'm confused at what I'm looking at

  17. Magnificent video. It is a global tragedy to witness it in flames. The entire world is engulfed in lamentation.

  18. I visited this place when I was very young, hard to remember what I saw but this video helps me remember some of the things. Thank you

  19. How very sad history was lost today . It makes you realize how easy we can lose something so historic by dire

  20. Thank you for capturing the beauty, history and architecture of this incredible cathedral in 360VR. With the news of today’s tragic fire and the devastation left in its wake, this video will allow the world to experience Notre Dame at her finest. I was lucky enough to visit a couple times and can honestly say there simply are no words to describe just how awe inspiring an experience it was. The loss felt by the people of France, as well as Catholics from all over the world is heartbreaking. Those of us that were just tourists on our visit share in your pain and heartache on losing such an important piece of our hearts. Thank you again for creating a unique record for others to share and enjoy.

  21. I like the video but why is it potato quality?

  22. Just took a tour of the Cathedral it’s a shame I won’t be able to in person. There was a lot of art in there. God pray it is safe.

  23. I love going to Notre Dame. This past October I insisted that we couldn't leave Paris with out going there. If you haven't been, you can not believe how majestic and Brilliant it is….what a blessing we did. To the people of France, we feel your pain and send you love and healing.

  24. i was looking too see the cathedral not the F floor

  25. Pretty incredible we can do this. Thank you+

  26. This place was on my Bucket list to see, it's a shame its burned.

    Thank you for making this, it is now very important history.

  27. Dios y ahora que quedaría de esta catedral que hermosa era que pena tan linda antigua ??

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