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  1. Già ci istudagrela tangro cusa facia pidicula già mi ai capito vero ok grazie mucia m mia

  2. Half these are just scantily clad women

  3. I think it's wonderful you can travel the world without leaving your phone

  4. the top are boobies allways :DDD

  5. #1 la bambina è morta?

  6. Pretty lame and tame for Italy I'd say. Did this excite you ? Sad.

  7. 1:54 I live there and every time i go through that street there's always a bunch of tourists "holding" the tower. It's pretty common. Sometimes you even see some local rando high-fiving these people from behind lol.

  8. Che belle tettazze 😀

  9. Speravo in molte più robe sessuali

  10. Che cazzo c'è di divertente

  11. You must simply love the Italia!!! 2.13 is my favorite!

  12. what the fuck is this stupid shit?

  13. ma che cagata! in ogni caso quel campanile al min 2:35 nel lago esiste veramente, si trova nel lago di Resia

  14. The Number 1 is my shot! 🙂 I submitted it 🙂

  15. I liked number 2 – so cool! Great video, again- thank you for sharing!

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