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Vizualizări amuzante, interesante și ciudate de pe Google Maps Street View Russia. ABONAMENT: http://bit.ly/2iXPgkG Vă rugăm, comentați și abonați-vă!
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MUZICA: Drumul către Moscova


  1. Такое толь ко в россии

  2. Coordinates

  3. At 1.41 it's the Vodka again.

  4. Someone came from ddm

  5. 2:00 это праздник такой самолетный! Не помню как называется

  6. Долго же ты искал такие моменты. Сочувствую!

  7. la música acorde a las imágenes, cual es esa tonada ?

  8. I thought it was going to be funny but it was mostly creepy. Especially when it showed the part where the little girl was just playing, like excuse me, what the fuck

  9. we all came for 10

  10. 1:47 wieder typisch Russland, die beiden "Polizisten" sehen aus wie die letzten Trottel, in ihrer viel zu großen Uniform. So läuft in Deutschland nicht mal die Müllabfuhr rum.

  11. Where's street view with word "Khuy (ХУЙ) ? It's written in Russia on every wall

  12. интересно, что за долбоебы минусят

  13. Like that Rusky tune! What's the name of it? Anyone..? And, what was that devushka doing with her finger up her…. Never mind…

  14. ??????????????????????????????.


  15. ただの、のぞき趣味ノ変態

  16. ha ha when adults just want to play in the sand

  17. "You know how to isolate better than that".

  18. Stupid russian assols all russians are so idiots

  19. God bless mother RUSSIA!!!

  20. Sem graça,não entendi nada.????

  21. Ahhhh the glories of communism

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