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Top 10 al imaginilor Google Maps Street View descoperite în 2016 de streetviewfun.com SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2iXPgkG

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  1. The train in Canela Brazil is a turistic spot

  2. Where is this vy #3???????!!!!

  3. #4, the steam train engine falling on the street: this is a museum dedicated to steam machines, and this is a reproduction of a famous XIX century photograph called "the train accident at the Montparnasse station (Paris) in 1895" (Google it to get the real picture. Of course this one in Brazil is just a fake but what a fantastic idea!


  5. 8 riviere du loup in canada! My aunt lives there and i go at this exact same place with the indian painted on the rock a few times every summer thats is so weird ?

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