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Accesați Google Maps: http://maps.google.com |
Playlist Google Maps: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=98DA918472BB3131 | Vedeți noua experiență a Street View pe Google Maps. Aflați noile modalități de a intra în Street View, priviți modul nostru pe ecran complet, navigați prin indicații de conducere și multe altele.

Street View este o caracteristică a Google Maps care vă permite să vizualizați și să navigați rapid și cu ușurință imagini de înaltă rezoluție, la 360 de grade, din diverse orașe din întreaga lume.

Consultați la http://maps.google.com/streetview


  1. Stephen Chau
    Thank´s a lot for this idea! Congratulation! I read of you in Época magazine in Brazil. Now I will not lose more on the way… oh yes!

  2. One of the massive problems w/ the housing fallout, is that monied investors are located far from the cheapest real estate. NY-Boston investors are busy, and also incredibly far rom small midwest cities. Its a great tool for visualizing & connecting w/ residents & business owners in the neighborhoods of the properties they've purchased.
    Cities can map their neighborhoods bi/tri-annually to showchase the recovery of neighborhoods — a big selling point for home buyers who sign the final mortgage.

  3. Google should develop 20+ of these, and contract them to cities and municipalities. Local govts could map their neighborhoods, for easy viewing by prospective real estate buyers/developers. The same local govts can mash up their real estate ownership data with the street view maps to show what real estate is available for sale, the name and contact info of local businesses.

  4. D: this wont work for me for some reason maybe i guess my area wont work with street view

  5. Scary if you've got something to hide ;p

  6. that made me lol too… i think the crazy yellow man is on drugs

  7. there sending a car around with a carema on top of it there doing it in ireland at the momement

  8. 0:04 i saw the guy hahaha xDD!! Rofl!!!

  9. it would be cool if you were walking and found osama bin laden

  10. google maps is my nice program

  11. not many places work in europe

  12. heard its a very historic and beautiful place over in vienna hfrmobile

  13. eu já sei mexer nisso msm..tem que mandar para o brasil..

    juiz de fora 01 de fevereiro de 2009

  14. I am wodering how the hell did they do this?:|

  15. When my mom says i have to go out to get some fresh air, i just open my bedroom window and open up Google Streetview. It's amazing!

  16. this . is . so . FREAKING COOL 😀 i love street view :D:D:D

  17. that is fking creepy, but oh-so-cool

  18. Revolutionary!!! Google rules the earth!

  19. This is an absolutely scandalous violation of privacy!

  20. That is something cool.

  21. Every day I'm loving Google more and more. Best search engine? – Google. Best web-based mail? – Gmail. Best maps, directions? – Google. Best organized news? – Google. And now, street view, whoa, just amazing. Keep up the good work, google!

  22. hmmmm 56 comments with all those views?


  24. OMG these stuff are developing so fast, i wouldnt dream of this just a few years ago…
    When Street View for London???

  25. How about you stop trying to screw up Youtube there Google…

  26. When Google takes over the world, I will willingly and cheerfully submit.

  27. "Your job is to drive around and take pictures of streets"


  28. in a few years Google will become the first AI and take over the world lol

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