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Dacă aveți probleme cu Sketchup, Vray, Photoshop sau alte lucruri conexe, îl putem discuta în secțiunea de comentarii de mai jos. Voi încerca tot posibilul să vă ajut …
Spor la munca… 🙂 🙂

Simțiți-vă liber să descărcați modelul 3D și să setați pe acest link:

Living Modern din beton model 3D, HDRI, vropt …
Anunță-mă dacă ai probleme să descarci fișierele, noroc …

Descărcați modele 3D gratuite:

Modele 3D & Previzualizare panoramică 4K 360 VR Panoramă Mini Bar și sală de teatru _ Proiect de SUVR

Modele 3D & Previzualizare panoramică 4K 360 VR Walk in Closet _ Proiect de SUVR

Modele 3D & Previzualizare panoramică 4K 360 VR Panoramă automată pentru mirese _ Proiect de SUVR

360 VR Virtual Tour Panorama interioară Rendering Room dining pentru Mr. T. _ Old Work

360 VR Virtual Tour Interior Panorama Rendering Living Room pentru Mr. T. _ Old Work

Sala de lectură în colț 3D _ VRAY for Sketchup Tutorial

Realitate virtuală 4K _ Previzualizare redare panoramică 360 VR Living Room Beton Modern _ Sraychup Vray

Pagina oficială SUVR:
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Versiune în limba engleză :

Partea 1 _ Cum se redă panorama 360 ° în Sketchup cu raze V

Partea a 2-a Cum se convertește fișierul de imagine în video (JPEG – MP4)

Partea a 3-a Cum să încărcați redarea panoramică la 360 ° pe Facebook și Youtube

Versi Bahasa Indonesia:

Partea 1 – Cara Render 360 ° Panorama di raze în V

Partea 2 – Fișier Cara Konversi Gambar menjadi Video (JPEG – MP4)

Partea a 3-a Încărcați Render Panorama 360 ° pe Facebook și Youtube

Instrument de metadate video 360:

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#realitate virtuala


  1. where can i find vfs: main tool bar?

  2. sorry i hope that you share your knowledge abut Sketch up to me to thanks if you can

  3. Hi, great tutorial! I tried it with a test model but get a crazy amount of distortion around the camera position + quite a big blind circle that just renders brown. How can I fix that? The camera is placed exastly in the centre of my model.

  4. Eu VC coloca uma coisa mais legal porque é eu gosto das mansão fais mais

  5. your Vray setting and materiel setting are gorges, can you share that WOW
    Thank you if yes:)

  6. Thank you for your tutorial, it was very helpful to me, cheers!

  7. hi, I am building a new house and I do a lot of plans and 360° renders to watch with Google Cardboard glasses. It is very helpful, but I want to go further. How to render to 360 Stereoscopic?

  8. Is there a reason why it doesn't work with VrayRT?

  9. Sir, If I got the 360 degree photos by Google Camera, may I used this method to upload to YouTube? I Mean, I skip the first step, and using my own 360 degree image in the second and third steps. (fyi, I've tried to use the second and three methods, but the final results in youtube, wasn't 360 degree video). thank you before!

  10. sir, my 3d render master copy sharp but when conversation to 360 view look crispy quality, m i missing some settings .

  11. when i start render there's error appear "BugsplatRc resource Dll not found" …any ideas???

  12. Hello. I tried rendering it.. it shows black screen when it renders. And when I do normal rendering.. it works fine. Can you help?

  13. hello! I tried this! is awesome!! … I would like to know how can I see this 3d render, but witout upload to youtube or facebook, I would like to show to my client all the 3d/render on my laptop wit a player… so how can I do that?

  14. i try to render mine, even though i set the GI to 0 the result is still bright.please help sir thanks!

  15. can i know how to save raw file? i mean after finish my rendering in sketchup vray

  16. thaaank you <3

  17. He Hello, Thanks for uploading your tutorial it's really helpful but I have one problem when I upload my render to youtube. Youtube shows a big black dot on were I stand and on the ceiling. Even if I change the res like 6000×2000, 6000×3000 or 4000×2000 the boll keeps showing up! What am I doing wrong?
    I hope you can help me. Looking forward to your answer! Cheers

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