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Street View trike ne permite să fotografiem locuri care nu sunt accesibile cu mașina. Aflați mai multe despre truke la http://maps.google.com/help/maps/streetview/technology/cars-trikes.html


  1. I wish I had a rig like this to do street-level mapping. Using old iPhone w/lame bike handlebar mount to gather images for Mapillary data, used for tweaking OpenStreetMap project maps.

  2. If it has not been recorded yet, please make Great Allegheny Passage, C&O Towpath, Pine Creek Rail Trail, and Le Petit Train du Nord bicycle trails a top priority! These are among the longest and most beautiful bicycle trails in the Northeast of North America!

  3. In My city, recently reinnovated, in the centre, where car are not allowed, it's the best stuff to remap all over!!!

  4. I'm interested in this job.

  5. When is good going to start paying us canoers and Kayakers to do google maps of waterways? I would love that job.

  6. Wish they would sell those bikes without the camera equipment eventually but with the box still in the back. Would make a pretty cool motorized bicycle.

  7. It's called sarcasm. Replies are not required. Lighten up.

  8. Returns to HQ. "Oh crap! I never turned it on!"

  9. I had no idea the trike existed until I was able to go into street view in the courtyard at this condo resort in Maui that I've stayed at.

  10. Some people just can't read now-a-days.

  11. are u that stupid?

    he uses a bike to come at places where a car cant get xD

  12. So, How do I get that job? You get paid, a workout, and a great view!

  13. That poor guy! Hey Google! They have CARS now!

  14. ofrezco mis piernas a los chicos de google para cuando visiten Asturias 😛

  15. Nah Ive only seen one van before the rest are typical cars you see around. Maybe around your area though its all vans 😀

  16. How do I sign up??? I want this job!!!!

  17. really? I've seen the van twice (yes it's a van too) it seems all google vehicles are street view enabled

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