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Lucrurile WEIRDEST găsite pe Google Earth VR Street View ..

Iată o grămadă de imagini aleatorii pe care le-am văzut când privim în jurul vizualizării din stradă în Google Earth VR. Sper că v-a plăcut videoclipul! Vă rugăm să aruncați un like și un comentariu, ar fi foarte apreciat! : D

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Prieten în acest videoclip:
Hyper: https://www.youtube.com/r4boys


  1. Those dolls is a tradition in France they try to make their neighbor and make fun of them!!

  2. Someones voice is exactly like Evan from vannooosgming

  3. Robin was at the meet up

  4. When they update google maps 2019 go to MI kentwood and find this Taco Bell and there should there be a family fare accoss the st and go down the street and you should meet me twerking the st dont go to the high way thats the wrong way

  5. 8:26 they are the so called "Silent people"

  6. Try to go Martha Chapel Cemetery there is a peek behind the tree ?

  7. If you guys can go check out Iowa Guttenberg and on the road going through our town There's a restaurant and if you can check inside of the restaurant and look on the back end of one of the chairs there's a golden plaque and if you'd like to know that is the same chair that Barack Obama set in when he visit our town and ate at this restaurant.

  8. 1:05 the dolls r meant to be the people who lived there that died I think

  9. The back yard with the Star Wars thing is colinfurze’s house he has like 10 million subs on youtube and he built that for his kids he does very big engineering crafts

  10. That kid looks like where’s Waldo

  11. I liked it cuz you published it on my birthday

  12. Dude just wandered through Nagoro pretty casually

  13. To to poop creek


  15. Kan u go up To heaven through the Himalayan’s

  16. The drug deal is the place from GTA by the clubs and bars and shit

  17. Gloria's Place there is a kid chilling then go Forward

  18. South korea bighit entertainment building

  19. You should go to Area 51

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