1. Hello, can someone explain me this: i have insta360 pro but no gps module. Is it possible to use phone as gps tagger? If so, then how? Should i use insta app or street view app to connect the camera? Also, say i want to make a 360 panorama in a specific building then upload it on street view. How do i do that?

  2. How long does it take to appear on street view? Hours? Days? I also had similar problem as
    Vr360degreesvideos that I had to export the video first. How do I know it includes the GPS data? How do I know where it's been processed? I just got the OK that the upload happened… but then?

  3. This tutorial is not correct, i dont understand why the companies dont make a clear and good tutorials.. before upload the content we must make a normal stitch.. on number 5 should be: Make a normal stitch and export your video. Number 5. Upload via Insta360 Stitcher. As they explain in this tutorial looks like that we dont need to export the video, them, upload the footage.. Best

  4. Do these really end up in Streetview because Google is approving them or are we just looking at personal uploads?

  5. The image isn't level, what about auto horizon level?

  6. Hawhawhawhaaawr Warum ist mein Auto nicht ein Supercar?

  7. Where can we order the car mount for Insta360 Pro?

  8. Hi, where I can found max speed requirements ? storage per second used and bandwidth requirements to upload to GSV

  9. Do you have more examples of street view

  10. Where do you get the Car Mount?

  11. What is maximum speed to get good quality?

  12. Great clip and excellent reviews overall but What are the recommended GPS Modules please and as the camera is not IP rated is this why the sun always shines in GSV land?

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