1. I’m here because one just drove right pass me today.

  2. Never knew they tested in the car in Santa Cruz, explains why I saw one driving down my by my friends dirt road. Sweet!

  3. por favor lleven Street View  a cali-colombia please!!!

  4. guy sounds like Spencer Ried

  5. I just realized they made a 5th generation camera (the one used in california, and eastern europe), and its different from the 4th generation camera (paris, germany, spain)

  6. remember the CIA ownes google

  7. This is awesome in the WiiU.

  8. My Google street view story… I was pulled over by the cops because they mistook me for someone who robbed a bank a few hours before and right in the middle of it all a Google street view car comes driving by with the driver smiling and waving at me….

  9. I wonder how much effort went into picking the cars ??

  10. I once found myself on streetview looking at streetview on my phone, very freaky!

  11. my aunt saw one driving down a deserted road lol

  12. Anybody else want to drive one? Looks like a great adventure.

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