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Imagini haioase Google Map și Google Street View. Una dintre cele mai utile invenții tehnologice din ultimul deceniu este Google Maps. Ne ajută să ne dăm seama unde mergem, cât de departe sunt lucrurile și oferă doar o imagine de ansamblu omniprezentă asemănătoare cu zeul asupra planetei noastre … și tot ceea ce se întâmplă în momentul în care mașina Google conduce prin fotografierea fotografiilor. De obicei, se estompează fețele pentru a proteja confidențialitatea oamenilor, desigur!

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Vă rugăm să urmăriți: „Câinele plâns sparge inima internetului – dar această poveste tristă pentru câini are un final fericit”

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  1. There is one of mugshot of Lund included. Interesting.

  2. The narrator is so annoying ?

  3. Where are these places I wanna see if there on Google maps still lol

  4. And I thought I was awkward


    Oh yeah and…. I found on Google earth and it says (*F YOU GOOGLE*)

    And IT'S PRETTY VERY WEIRD i found a target on Google map i thing it's old target for nuke or something?

    And I saw area 51 XD Well 3 million people coming to area 51


  7. 1:44 dat is an alpaca, not a llama

  8. I was on google maps 333 union street paris illinois

  9. 5:15 Ive seen this! Its amazing! I was just on the beach Im not gonna say where, but I looked over and further away on another island I just saw this guy on a horse! First time I EVER saw it!!

  10. sees thumbnail: wait a minute…

  11. It was my birthday the the google car passes by

  12. Sorry to tell you this but your not funny

  13. Go on
    60°43'05.5"N 46°02'08.5"W
    Then zoom in so you get in street view
    There is a man on a bike
    Zoom in and look what is he showing

  14. I came for the thumbnail :/

  15. Google Street view sevastopol and turn to the left and you will see God.

  16. guy with a horsemask had his legs blurred XD

  17. 4:01
    This guy to the side is dabbing during someone's sidewalk pregnancy.
    That should be a stonable offense.

  18. I grew up by this thing 5:49 It was called The Spindle and even appeared in the movies Waynes World and Wanted but they knocked it down a few years ago and built a store in it's place.

  19. can't wait for part 69

  20. 5:48 I have been here before! Very cool sight, but it was sadly taken down a few years ago because it was unstable…
    It is about a 10-15 minute drive from my house!

  21. im one of the first person here 🙂 so excited im such a fan girl jk jessica sevilla got hacked by her lil brother who is 9 sorry sis 🙂

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