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Plimbați-vă cu Basma Atassi a lui Al Jazeera în Mecca, în timp ce vă duce într-un tur pentru a vedea principalele repere pe care milioane de musulmani le vizitează în perioada Hajj, pelerinajul islamic anual.
Pentru o vizualizare la 360 de grade, puteți trage mouse-ul peste videoclip.
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  1. Thanks i am thinking like i am doing hajj?❤?

  2. Why do these people practice idolatry, they believe that their sin is forgiven by walking around a black stone 7 times anti-clockwise, this is pure witchcraft.

  3. Masha Allah tank you Allah akbar Dieu est grand

  4. My dream is to go to maka

  5. Masallha
    My be Hoj pinis2015
    Al hamdulillha

  6. "Twice the s=ize of NY. Two million people." On an alternative planet?

  7. And if i ever rise to power all of it will be a desert of glass after dumping every singular nuclear weapon in my disposal on it and the surrounding countryside.

  8. Masha ALLAAH, Subhaan ALLAAH

  9. It’s so sad to see all these people do but deceived into believing this is what God wants. For one thing early isn’t God if anything I’ll is the devil is very sad it was Islam was founded by the Catholic cold in the seventh century to be used as a weapon to destroy a real Christians and to bring them back to the pool and they killed Jews and take over Jerusalem but it didn’t backfire on him but this is sad to see these people these ridiculous costumes having to go around it seven times kiss and a rock which is an idol worship really totally insane people of been trampled to death walk around this ridiculous rock and then they have to go back-and-forth seven times to this Amazon well in about down and it’s just insane I mean who would want to be in this cold and less you’re forced to be then you have no choice otherwise you get your head cut off I

  10. islam is a mental disease..

  11. 1:31 – After looking at it from a few angles, I realize that I was mistaken, but at first glance the woman to the left looked like she was wearing a cowboy hat on top of her niqab, and I find that mental image deeply hilarious.

  12. Visit municipality of pangutaran Philippines many beautiful Islamic culture

  13. Mecca I am calling for cardinals you have been elected.???❤❤❤✌✌✌?⚓??

  14. Wonderful 360 view of Holy Mosque of Makkah. Now our none Muslim Friends will know what is goes in Makkah. Big thanks AJE.
    LOVE ALL HATE NONE said our Beloved Prophet Muhammad 570-632.

  15. So sad for these lost idolaters 🙁 I hope The Lord shows them the truth.

  16. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️??????????????????????????????????????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. Awesome man awesome. May Allah grant me and my wife a visit here for haj and umrah soon and may Allah accepts our pilgrimage and cleanse us.ameen

  18. I live in pakistan and I it

  19. Thank you so much for the “experience” ☺️??

  20. 90 percent of the historic buildings dating back to the prophet have been demolished? Hilarious. Vatican city at least waited till everything fell down.

  21. Allah will help you

  22. My what's app no 9546147430

  23. 2018 haj live please demonstrate that vedeos

  24. Amazing,this is I understand Technology

  25. Thank you, 360 view is amazing, Mashallah

  26. my background is black!! so i can't see it.. nooo ????

  27. Las mujeres no pueden tener smartphones.

  28. I did my hajj on a phone, noice ?

  29. Can i see khana kaba in any 3d virtual reality plzzz replyy???

  30. MashaAllah may Allah give us a chance to do Hajj and umrah inshaAllah ameen summa ameen

  31. So beautiful

  32. I’m a non-Muslim, and thank you very much for the awesome tour!! ?

  33. الله يكثر خيرش حبيبتي

  34. all this just to try and touch a dirty piece of rock ,mental lol

  35. I went their and did everything

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