1. The panoramic head shown is the 360Precison Atome. The company has since gone out of business and that product is no longer available. As an option we have been selling the Google approved R10/20 heads since 2010 which allows for exact same workflow.

  2. from where i can find lens tripod mount

  3. What's the name of the head that you are using? can you tell me please?

  4. which camera is best for 360 photo and video is g 7 panosonic is ok

  5. I want that pano head please reply if anyone have that head it's emergency

  6. This is an untapped area…great job!

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  8. any one know if i can use this kind of tripod with my sony alpha a7ii? also i'm not sure if i can use my camera for 360 pictures. tnks

  9. I have a 360Precission Atome for sale with ring for Samyang 8mm lens.. If interested then just reply to this message. I'm in NZ.

  10. can you please email me I have a couple of questions for you please.

  11. i dont think that 7d is better than 5dmiii or 6d. You must say, for this lens that you use, 7d is better…

  12. h

  13. Which software is used to stitch all the bracketed shots, just photoshop ?

  14. I want to ask the store to order panoramic head for canon 8-15 mm in
    Thailand or nearby ?

    Thank you.

  15. This is great video, how can we upload panoramic photos to the maps…?

  16. Where to get that lens mount?

  17. Hi, I uploud more than 50 Photos in Google street view last one before 10 days ago, until now not confirmed about google trusted photographer!! do you know how many days it takes? and any other thinks I must do it??

  18. Hi jeremy powlus.
    I like to do this business…. i don't know about the "Google street view inside" how to do this work & i am not a photographer. I can learn to do. please tell me how to do this business? what are the material i want buy….?

  19. What was the accessory on the tripod to set the nodal point; making sure the focal point of the lens was always in the centre as the camera is panned?

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