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Această melodie a fost afișată pe canalul 4 „Big Fat Quiz Of the Year 2009” pe 1 ianuarie 2010


  1. Pssh. Tim gives Google Street View too much credit.
    You'd be lucky to find a fully formed human being among the graphics of Google Street View.

  2. Tim Minchin is my celebrity/cerebral/composition king crush.

  3. What song is he basing this on? What tune is that?

  4. Hoping theres a full version of this song..Catchy song, Mr Tim

  5. Was alright up until he started rapping, I burst out laughing

  6. ahahaha. what was the answer though

  7. guyliner + tim minchin = pure sexiness

  8. This was the first song I heard from Tim Minchin. After this one it was Inflatable you, than I brought his first dvd "so fucking rock".

  9. Mmmmh, bunch of my favourite people all in the same room. Tim Minchin being #1, probably. Kinda tied with David Mitchell.

  10. It's stuck in my head…

  11. 0:09 the gaze of Jonathan… he really loves Tim

  12. Good. Now I can stop humming 'come back cardinal Pell' and do this one instead. Tim is a brilliant muso and a all round clever bastard.

  13. That Charlie Brooker, the creator and writer of "Black Mirror" was there for this seems very apt indeed

  14. I'm with you +TimMichin This CCTV camera world is just like 1984 and I hate it. There is no privacy. Soon tiny drones will be flying past our homes recording video.

  15. "No butt plugs" is the one lyric that constantly just ends up in my train of thought during the day.

  16. Never realized that he isn't even trying to pretend that he's playing the piano.

  17. I don't know how I missed this 'til this week. This is hilarious. Tim, you outdid yourself on this one. Now I can't get the damn song out of my head. Hilarious!

  18. Thank God I found Tim Minchin.

  19. Great song, unfortunately the sound it out of sync with the video. :/

  20. If Russel Brand weren't stupid and talentless he would be Tim Minchin.

  21. I want to talk about 1984. Anyone?

  22. …….I need those pants

  23. this was the first song i heard from Tim minchin…. This doesn't even scratch his talent. He is talented. Thank You God….

  24. Damn. Minchin's a freaking phenom, mothahfuckas.

  25. this song helped me remember facts in my marketing class today 🙂

  26. He kinda looks like Jesse Pinkman with that beanie on.

  27. Tim Minchin and Jimmy Carr in the same video!?!

  28. I really want to know the answers these people had!

  29. Awesome, a true product of the Tom Lehrer generation lol

  30. love you in the face…twice

  31. Gangster Tim is the best Tim

  32. Oh tim minchin, you've outdone yourself this time <3 

  33. The Up loader should change the name to: No, no butt plugs.

  34. dont worry dear, he didnt

  35. Big fat quiz, there is a series on now.

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