1. this thing is awsome

  2. I want to hug everybody who works at google.

  3. Oawsome tool for property investors!

  4. This sounds like the guy from Weebls-stuff

  5. on what dates did you guys go through Visalia Ca.? I've been looking for my car all through town but can't find it 🙁

  6. Please do this for Kyiv, Ukraine!

  7. i like the part where you get to see his moose knuckle.

  8. Google Street View Rocks! Check out some of the over 750 "interesting" Google Street View finds by searching in Google for "laudontech"

    Everything from girls to cars to funny signs to your friends back yard!

  9. Great but Google should hire a better actor.

  10. Google!!! I need U HaNoi-Viet Nam ^___^

  11. Awesome, when will it get worldwide, especially for all major cities?

  12. when will you release it for spain?

  13. Oh that is so creepy, they went down the street in a car that had a camera on it. Now they have my soul. I cant believe you can see lisence plates, ive never see any plates while I drive my car. Man this technology just goes way too far.

  14. Check out this huge list of Google Street View sightings:
    streetviewgallery dot corank dot com

  15. wow, look at all the spam. i love the internet…

  16. for a comment search bar /watch?v=PMf5bVbcnpU

  17. Um…

    You can see his balls 00:12 – 00:14.

  18. you can watch more of the world and what we are doing to it/us, search darwin stars/cold blood.

  19. It has most of London UK on it too, Some of Cornwall, but not where i live, will get there eventually.

    So for those of you who haven't seen Buckingham Palace, you can now by google earth,

    Oh yeh, as others are advertising their videos on here, i might as well too.

    Check out my Bude And Boscastle Slideshow with Musician Dene Rosewarn….


  20. Click my name for never before seen episodes of

    -Family Guy
    -South Park
    -The Simpsons

    And the new 24 episode of the Simpsons!

  21. Well, that would be nice… and not only for those people but for our health…

  22. Hey! I'm in the U.S. and it's not showing my city(Chicago). Duh people, give it time. You all don't thing Google isn't gonna expand it world wide?

  23. Dude, its gonna expand. I mean common sense tells you that.

  24. Damn Bohemists, the JUST introduced it. Give it time, then folks all around the world can complain that their rights are being violated by street view. OK?


    LOST(add a period here)EU/53604


  26. I think I made an awesome Kobe Bryant mixtape. Check it out! Just search for "omerfakovic"

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