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  1. U tried actually smashing the like button for once and i missed the button and broje my screen

  2. There is pee pee poo poo street search on Google maps

  3. You should buy pee pee island

  4. The island is going to grow and it will be called pee pee poo poo

  5. I have been living in this country for 14 years, how did I not know we have a Pee Pee Island.

  6. Bruh I live in St John's

  7. In mexico there is a man that is pooping….

  8. I know here I'm going when i finish my GCSE's. PEE PEE ISLAND

  9. Peepeepoopoo island

  10. Im going to Pew, die, and eat pie.
    Read this this this togheter.

  11. You can go on top of Mount Everest w google street view

  12. Is that the joker stairs ?

  13. If you like this comment you like PewDiePie

    If you dislike this comment you like ☕️T series☕️

  14. Go on google maps and go to Pee Pee island, there is a store, and it is called Joe Mama’s Grocery Store

  15. Why​ you​ not​ go to​ thailand??

  16. You missed another great city in Canada. On the island of Newfoundland and Labrador there is a city called Dildo

  17. Can you check saudi arabia.?
    1-i live there ?
    2-muslims live there (idk why im even typing description)

  18. big brother is watching alright 0_0

  19. PewDiePie : JESUS CHRIRST

  20. i am canadian and i have bin to the iland it is lit

  21. I looked in the camera when it went past my house. I was bent over and picking up my one year old after he fell. It is a hot mess .

  22. Google broke the law

  23. Legends say the dog is still chasing the car

  24. Pewdiepie you're so dumb the Earth is ?/? flat

  25. Go to Bangladesh you will surprised ?

  26. Strang that all the phots we have of the earth are photo shopped

  27. How about you use google earth to see area 51?

  28. I already been to pee pee island

  29. that giant teddy bunny is real

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