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Dacă m-ai uitat să demonstrez Google Earth în realitate virtuală înainte, știi că atunci când ajungem la nivelul solului, imaginile par destul de pixelate și ciudate.

Ei bine, acum Google a integrat STREET View, acolo unde este disponibil … vino verificați-l!



  1. Now I don't have to travel anymore with a plane to different countries. I buy a VR and do sightseeing with Google VR. 🙂

  2. This is cool. I'm wondering if there's also high quality 360 video for some of the tourist areas. Observation decks of the Grand Canyon, Nigara Falls, Eiffel tower and the like.

  3. Although google India ?? chief executive officer in congress is bad hoppy, but the google earth and google maps is free of use for innovation hero for general public view to the earth ?, thanks albt and NYSE;googl

  4. What vr set you'd recommend?

  5. So jumpy. Makes me nauseous

  6. Now this is a good reason to get a decent VR set.

  7. Imagine what could happen future… Street view could be so advanced and we could walk around in high resolution as if we were walking there any real life you could take a stroll down the Pyramids Or like in the video a bit look at the Hollywood sign in person

  8. how did you record this ?!

  9. Does the Street View mode has 3D stereoscopic view? I think the 360 spherical photos don’t have depth so it would be a bit fake in comparison to the 3D render of buildings

  10. This is really exciting. Really interesting to see how the places you visit in VR spark memories about your real life. I do an interview show at the moment where I interview comedians using Google Street View. I'm looking into incorporating VR into the format and very excited about doing it. I only have a Gear VR at the moment though. Is the street view imagery that you access in a Rift or Vive the same as what you would get in a Gear VR?

  11. If you liked Google Earth, you should download the free app 'Travel VR'.
    It lets you travel the world. Travel VR is like Google Earth VR and Youtube combined.

  12. how many FPS do you need to make the environment look real-life? No matter how fast you rotate your head.

  13. They've added human scale at any altitude. So things don't appear small when you're high, you just feel very high. Which is not recommended for people who have a fear of heights.

  14. you can stick your face into the orb to quickly switch in and out of street view. no to keep clicking on it 🙂

  15. So you can not go on or back in street view mode, you need to return in earth mode…. why?

  16. If you move the orb for street view like your sticking your head into it you go right into street view without clicking on it, when you move it away you'll come out of street view. Works with rift.

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