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În acest videoclip demonstrez fluxul de lucru pe care îl folosesc pentru a surprinde, edita, încărca, poziționa, orienta și conecta fotografiile la 360 ° pe care le fac pentru a crea tururi foto ca fotograf de încredere Google Street View.

LG 360 Cam pe care îl folosesc pentru a-mi face fotografiile la 360 °: http://amzn.to/2qKZCHb

Snapseed pentru Android: http://bit.ly/2rZ6cyb

Snapseed pentru iOS: http://apple.co/2rvaQU2

Street View pentru Android: http://bit.ly/2rJwNQq

Street View pentru iOS: http://apple.co/2rvb1yG

Aflați mai multe despre fotografii de încredere Google Street View: https://www.google.com/streetview/earn/

Aflați mai multe despre Ghidurile locale Google: https://www.google.com/local/guides/


  1. Fantastic video. Thank you so much! For those of you using a tripod, check out the Touch Retouch app. It's on iOS, not sure about Android. Works very much like Snapseed except maybe a bit quicker when all you're dealing with is a couple of tripod legs.

    Anyway, I appreciate the time you put into this tutorial. Well done!

  2. isn't better to record a video instead ? and upload it to GSV ?

  3. I use the TouchRetouch app that is much better than this as it supports 360 images.

  4. can you please make a video explaining in detail the process you went through to earn the Google Trusted Badge? Where did you go? How many photos did you have to submit? and so on. Thanks

  5. Hi Willem! Great tutorial, very thorough!I have two questions. Can anyone add to google street view or do you have to be a Google trusted photographer? Will these tours automatically show up when someone searches for that particular place in Google Maps? Thank you!

  6. Thank you. You help me realy a lot with this tutorial. Realy tnx a lot. Best from Croatia.

  7. The difficult to do that job because I am getting a job on that Google Street view photography

  8. Once I've gone through the steps of connecting the photos, does the "connecting" happen automatically, or do I need to upload/publish/etc that connection information? This is for photos I've already uploaded.

  9. This is well explained. Thanks

  10. Pls help me.
    I need to ad 2nd and 3rd floor . how can i ad a selector button for next floors…

  11. Has it been worth becoming a google trusted photographer? I’m considering doing it

  12. It's so nice to be able to edit photos on my phone now to boost the color. Thanks for that

  13. Hi, thanks for the great tutorial. Question: I cannot see my images at the bottom (above the compass) when I select several photos to try and "move and connect" (reference around 13 minutes into your video to see what I"m referring to) therefore I cannot orient my images. They are also not connecting even when I try without orienting. Do you have to be a Google Trusted Photographer already to access this feature? I"m working on becoming certified. I see "move and connect" is an option for me, but it doesn't work like yours. Thanks for any insights.

  14. How do you monetize this? And if you do how much do you make doing it?

  15. What is the camera you use now? The LG 360 seems to be phased out.

  16. how are you? Can I make u a simple question?

    Do you make money updating street view for google? I have the same camera that you have.. but in Usa..

    Whats the point when you guys do street view for google? you get paid? Thank you !

    Great day!

  17. Hi WVZ, Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Do I have to load all my 360 degree photo ( from different locations ) in one go to become Google trusted certified Photographer, or I keep loading few at a time so when they are published more than 50 images then I get recognize ? Can we add still normal DSLR images for Google street view ? with they be also counted ?

  18. Thanks for the workflow share. Very handy!

  19. I have changed the orientation on my 10 connected photos a couple times, hit the check mark after changes and waited over 24 hours a couple times but the orientations don't take so in Napa my white walking arrows are almost opposite what they should be. Ever encountered this and know a solution?

  20. Just published some 360 photos.
    However, they don't show up in my profile?
    How do I get them to show up?

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