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Consultați unul dintre centrele de date Google din acest tur ghidat. Vedeți ce sunt produsele noastre, apoi explorați-vă singuri în Street View: http://www.google.com/about/datacenters/streetview


  1. Hey google and youtube how about not censuring conservatives.

  2. Can you use the heated water for something else? It´s yust a waste of thermalogic energy. For something like house warming or for maschines that use warm water, like dishwasher.

  3. Google password not changed… Plz help sir..

  4. ส่งเค้ามาทำไมที่นี่อ่ะ..???

  5. Legal pure and innocent unaffected nth degree complete everything agrees legal pure and innocent unaffected nth degree complete integers complete everything agrees

  6. Why would you erase a hard drive if you're going to destroy it afterwards ?

  7. How to become a worker in a data center?

  8. Did an adult review this video before release?

  9. Ah, where they censor free speech, prevent free communication, and promote government propaganda. Amazing.

  10. I Love this YouTube Video! 😀

  11. That's also when 1080p60 resolution rotates so badly it's too heavy regular 1080p rotates better and lighter

  12. That's why the robot sound is too much data okey Good to know that every video in YouTube

  13. help I want my son account was password change unable to set up the new password because of Microsoft mail not get the password, sir… please help me, sir account chaitanyamsaichaitanya@gmail.com please help me.Sir

  14. This is cool but it's certainly not transparency

  15. I'm on my phone slot lol

  16. Is this on a trial basis?

  17. Google is fun and I'm learning

  18. 1st person to comment in 2019.


  20. Why is this all about Goog l e?

  21. behind all this nice music i can hear a jet engine

  22. OK Google eu adoro serviço do Google para mim é o melhor servidor do mundo do planeta global muito obrigado pelo serviço prestado

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