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În acest videoclip veți învăța cum să editați cele 360 ​​de videoclipuri GRATUIT pe Mac + PC, economisindu-vă sute de dolari cumpărând software de editare scump!

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► Software-ul Davinci Resolve: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

Adobe Premiere și Final Cut Pro sunt cei doi editori video importanți pentru editarea profesională video 360, cu toate că acestea costă. Deși este posibil să vă ofere mai multe funcții, pentru pasionații de videoclipuri care doresc să efectueze editarea video de bază, nu este necesar să investiți toți acești bani! Aici salvează ziua Davinci Resolve. Rezolva este editorul video GRATUIT de cea mai bună calitate disponibil chiar acum și are o mulțime de caracteristici uimitoare pentru 360 de editori video și editori video obișnuiți deopotrivă. Editarea cu Davinci Resolve este o modalitate bună de a vă face o idee pentru fluxul de lucru de editare video 360, astfel încât să puteți cumpăra un software de editare plătit, precum Premiere, când sunteți bun și gata.

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Dacă v-a plăcut acest videoclip, asigurați-vă că lăsați un like și abonați-vă la canal! Canalul Ben Claremont este autoritatea voastră către toate lucrurile 360 ​​de fotografie, videoclipuri și nu numai! De la tutoriale și sfaturi aprofundate, la cele mai bune echipamente, software de editare, aplicații și chiar strategii de social media pentru a obține o atenție masivă asupra activității tale. Pe acest canal veți găsi tot ce aveți nevoie pentru a trăi și respira cu adevărat 360!

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  1. newbie here – I'm trying to remove the sound from a video taken with my Ricoh Theta Z1 in Davinci. I seemed to figure out the process of removing the sound but when I take the final product to upload onto Facebook the video flattens out and is no longer 360. When I upload the original final to FB it is in 360 mode so something I'm doing in Davinci is changing a setting. Any advice?

  2. So did I understand correctly? It will not edit 360 one X footage, only 4k and below like the insta one?

  3. Great Video!
    With Davinci Resolve 16 can you now edit > 4K video?

  4. Thank you for posting this – it is incredibly helpful – particularly if you are new to 360 and just getting a feel for it.

  5. hello, thanks for the video! How do I adjust my homepoint if my theta z1 was backwards while filming?

  6. When uploading to YouTube do you still need to use the Spatial Media Metadata Injector to add the 360 metadata to the 360 clip?

  7. Hi Ben, could you tell me how to replace the exhausted battery in mine Insta 360 ONE? Thank you!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this video! A great crash course to get into this amazing software.

  9. Just got a Insta360 One X about 3 weeks ago and absolutely LOVE IT! I have filmed hours of video and now come the problem. How the Heck to edit all these videos, pull parts of some video and combine with others. I have DaVinci Resolve 15 BUT it still does not support the 5.7K which is what I filmed ALL my video in. I have a PC, what somewhere do I need to study and purchase in order to be able to make all this video actually usable? Love your channel, its what got me back into 360. I was into 360 virtual tours filming real estate back at the very being in the very early 2000's.

  10. How can I change the view of the 360 video in DaVinci Resolve? for example, I want the viewer to see item A and move to item B on a table.

  11. Awesome video Ben, thanks a lot.
    Is it possible to convert 360 video to normal 2D video inside Resolve?
    I would like to produce a standard Full HD video with a Picture-In-Picture insert from a 360 video, where I choose the viewing perspective.
    Or do I have to use Insta360Studio to convet the 360 video to 2D first (less practical as the best perspective is often first obvious when seen in context of the main footage)

  12. Hi Ben, I am doing some vr 360 animation for oculus go. This could work with 3840 x 3840 format. I am not able to set the resolution in Davinci to 3840 x 3840. seems to be limited to 3840 x 2160. Is the Studio Version capable to work with this? Thank you and best regards

  13. if i want to transform from 360° to 2d? it's possible? For example pick only a part of the video…

  14. Unfortunately it didn't export it as 360 even though I did the same settings and the video is 4k !!

  15. Love all your videos, Ben! And you helped convince me to get a One X recently. When I followed your workflow here though, when I try to check the video in Insta360 Studio to make sure I still have a 360 video after editing in DaVinci Resolve…I get an error message in Studio saying "Failed to load the file since it's corrupted." And when I try to load to Youtube I just get the equirectangular video and not my intended 360 spherical video. I also tried one suggestion of using a metadata injector but that didn't work either. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO.

  16. Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!

  17. Hi Boss, thankz for the great video! I have the insta360 One cam and I'm having issues to drag or opem my 360 videos at Davinci Resolve, May I need to install some codec? How may Open the ''.insv" files at Davinci?

  18. Great video, How to make 360 degree photos from 360 degree video ? Thanks bro !

  19. Thank you a billion times. You saved me.

  20. Hey there. Does it work with 180 3D footage? I have an EVO and looking for a way to do basic edits without paying an exorbitant fee or subscription.

  21. HI i try a lot but cant open any 360 insta video directly in Davinci Resolve always need to do first batch export and this is time consuming .Its any posibile way to open any 360 video directly and work on?

  22. After exporting will it still be a true 360 video for Facebook?

  23. If you are going to use Davinci you’d better go and buy a very powerful computer first.

  24. What about Google virtual tours? My new camera is picture only

  25. Awesome video. I've been looking into resolve for a bit now, practicing 360 and traditional, it's a great software and these videos help. I just wanted to note that if you have you're clips start at the beginning of the timeline, you don't have to set in and out points if you're exporting the entire timeline. Keep it up!

  26. Ben – Thanks for all the great videos! I'm new to 360 and Resolve. I'm using Insta360 Studio 2019 and Resolve 16. I've followed your video instructions and when I export a Quicktime video from Resolve at the 360 settings you recommend, Insta360 Studio will not recognize it. When I export as an MP4, Studio does recognize it and plays it as 360. However, when I then try to upload that to YouTube, the metadata appears to be missing and it only plays equirectangular, not as a 360 video. When I use Spatial Metadata Injector on that file and upload again, then it displays on YT as 360. I notice in your video that you did not have the Injector step. Am I doing something wrong with the Resolve settings that causes the metadata to be lost? I don't quite understand why Studio can play the uninfected file, but YT can't. Any guidance?

  27. Is there any free software for editing 180 vr videos from the vuze xr?

  28. I open and do a little edit in insta360. then try to edit color in resolve. but can't get a good video output. I have tried the download you said. but that didn't help.

  29. hmmm I came here hoping to see how to edit 360 footage on a static plane… like how GoPro's plugins let you in Premiere and After Effects. Can this be done?

  30. does da vinci remove video background too

  31. There is 360 tools pack for Fusion called KartaVR.

  32. waw great vedio .. thanks man

  33. How many camera we need for it?

  34. Uncle Ben my 360 MadVenture cam won´t allow me to "dowload" any media files. it says "Couldn´t download". :/

  35. Do I need to still find a program to stitch my videos or does this one do that's as well thank you

  36. Would the new DaVinci Resolve 16 be able to edit immersive 360 videos (not reframed) from the Insta360 One X? Would DaVinci work with the .insv files? I would like to add audio (a song or a voice overlay) to an immersive 360 video but the Insta 360 Studio does not do that so I am now looking for a better solution.


  37. Hi Ben, thanks for the tutorial. I'm just starting out to learn about video editing for myself. Are you able to do another (updated) video on how to use DaVinci Resolve to edit 360 and non-360 videos from the insta360 One X?
    I'm confused about what the output resolutions should be. What would be the best workflow to put together and edit different free capture clips?
    Btw, all your videos are very useful and entertaining. Thanks for the great content!

  38. Thankyou excelent video was stuck on how to edit my gopro fusion software this is excelent followed the vid edited rendered checked it was 360 in gopro vid player app worked fine full 360 but when I uploaded it to youtube it didn't play 360 offered vr but still didn't play 360 just the stretched full width vid any advice on how to fix this.

  39. Hi !
    Is it possible with DAVINCI to start from a 360 video and render a "normal video" … as you make a turning little planet for example ?
    Thanks for the answers !

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