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Când toți iubim sexul atât de mult, atunci de ce urâm prezervativele?
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  1. Kyuki 90% ko saadi se phle ladki militi aur saadi k baad "mazza aayega mazza aayega" ?

  2. Use durex ultra thin .
    So thin its hard to feel you have put on a condom

  3. HIV ka dar shikhana hoga, tab shaead kush ho!

  4. Dharm se jor do sab use karenge

  5. mannu bhai motor chali pam! pam! pam! …..

  6. she'll b my wife, why I have to use condom.. ?
    kyuki tere jaise aur chutiye n paida ho..

  7. Kamal k report ho bhai aap

  8. Toilet ?
    Common sense ??
    Brain ???
    Razor ?????????

  9. 95% Indian men ko sex milta b hai ??

  10. Solution : use Durex Air thin condoms, they are ultra thin. We as a married couple use it every time and it gives a super pleasurable and long lasting pleasure to both of us. Thanks

  11. Agree with the thing lagane mein dikkat hoti h,thik se lge usse phle hi. . .

  12. This is the reason of lack of sex education

  13. Only solution left? Vasectomy.

  14. The host is a rockstar?

  15. I have a solution simple Hai Aise condom banao jo touch karney Se feel de Samjh rahe ho Na????

  16. They want to give STDs to others

  17. Companies should start giving small whistles (like the one for polio) free with condoms.

  18. Iss feel ke chakkar mein population ne band baja di hai iss ki

  19. It’s simple just say a clear no to guys who don’t agree to use condoms.

  20. Dikat hai to scrotum nikalwale

  21. 95% men kya use nhi karte hai.

    Savage Aunty:common sense??

  22. That thumbnail though.. lol.

  23. Shadi karo aur condom mat use karo

  24. 1) 1st solution: condom को थोड़ा ज्यादा friendly बनाना चाहिये मतलब आसानी से पहना जा सके।
    2) 2nd solution: condom को और ज्यादा करीब बनाना चाहिये उस फीलिंग के जो without condom मिलता।
    3) 3rd solution: घर,स्कूल,समाज,सरकार के माध्यम से इसके बारे में जागरुकता फैलाना चाहिए ।
    4) 4th solution: सबसे ज्यादा जरुरी हमें अपने दायित्व को समझना चाहिए ।

  25. #ScoopWhoop#
    Yr tere Condom ki chakkar m
    Gf breakup kr k nikl le….
    Pleasure VS hygienic sex m
    Pleasure wins#

  26. We don't use condoms kyuki abhi Patanjali ne nhi bnaya hai na . Jab neem flavoured hoga tabhi upyog hoga..?

  27. Durex use karo worlds thinnest condom

  28. Mere dost itne kharidte hai, shyad kabhi use nhi krte wo!

  29. He looks like EMIWAY BANTAI ❤️

  30. Sex education in school and topic on safe sex

  31. 95 %of men don't get sex…lol to condom khaa use krenge…??

  32. Talking about sex is still a taboo in the country and talking about condoms is just out of syllabus completely ?. No one educates people about sex in India(not even most of the parents), and the only source is porn which is completely a ridiculous way of learning about sex… One of the solutions is for the board of education to grow a pair and incorporate sex education in high school level…

  33. Blowjob , blowjob is the solution , feel ke liye bjs and pregnancy na ho uske liye Condoms

  34. Guess that's why we have the largest population

  35. fkers ever heard of contraceptive pills?

  36. I am 22 I've never had sex without condom

  37. Be churiyo aesa condom develop karo jeesme Maja feel nachural Lage

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