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Noul meu curs de tur virtual! (în curând): https://www.virtualtourcourse.com

Tururile virtuale au devenit mult mai bune! Cu Cupix, puteți crea rapid un tur interactiv 360 în orice mediu, precum și modele 3D, cu orice cameră 360!

Course Cursul meu video 360: https://360videosecrets.com/#videosecrets
? Planeta mea minusculă eBook: https://tinyplanetsecrets.com/#tinyplanet
? Lucrurile mele preferate 360: https://360videosecrets.com/subscribe

► Xiaomi Mi Sfera: https://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_651543.html?wid=4&lkid=11754752

(Vechea mea configurare monopod pe care am folosit-o în acest videoclip)
► Manfotto selfie stick: http://amzn.to/2vPJBWu
► Trepied Manfrotto Tabletop: http://amzn.to/2wwbbG3
► Adaptor: http://amzn.to/2wRbSND

(NOUA mea configurare, care este WAY BETTER pentru tururi virtuale)
► Bushman Monopod: https://bit.ly/2VnxpWu

► Creează-ți turul la: http://www.cupix.com
► Turul pe care l-am făcut: https://players.cupix.com/p/9VwLdXyg

► KIT-ul meu 2019 pentru 360 de fotografii și video:
Camera principală 360: https://store.insta360.com/product/one_x?insrc=INRWADC
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Monopod 360 Camera: https://bit.ly/2VnxpWu
Card SD: https://amzn.to/2G9KUES
Selfie stick ieftin: https://amzn.to/2ThMkRf
Geantă pentru cameră: http://amzn.to/2CceRhK
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(cu această memorie RAM): http://amzn.to/2EkGITa
Căști VR de cea mai bună calitate: https://amzn.to/2SbOVPI

Dacă v-a plăcut acest videoclip, asigurați-vă că lăsați un like și abonați-vă la canal! Canalul Ben Claremont este autoritatea voastră către toate lucrurile 360 ​​de fotografie, videoclipuri și nu numai! De la tutoriale și sfaturi aprofundate, la cele mai bune echipamente, software de editare, aplicații și chiar strategii de social media pentru a obține o atenție masivă asupra activității tale. Pe acest canal veți găsi tot ce aveți nevoie pentru a trăi și respira cu adevărat 360!

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► Website: https://www.benclaremont.com


  1. You could have bought yourself the 2nd cheapest selfie stick so you dont have to waste time getting that thing straight.

  2. Hi Ben! Love your videos! A question for you. I have tried search the internet for a good desktop software (Mac) where I can edit some interactivity from the 360-videos on a timeline. Most of the software I find costs LOTS of money every month. Please give me a hint! Thank you!

  3. How much do you recommend the 360 camera please answer

  4. Hi Ben. great video. I have a 360fly HD. I followed the process but when i import the images from my pc to the cupix box it says something about the supporting resolution. Do i hace to convert the circular images to equirectangular to upload the images? if so, do you have or know about a tutorial to do it?

  5. How does this compare to Matterport?

  6. How does it determine depth?

  7. Hey Ben
    Just stumbled across your video and I’m super impressed ! Quick question , once you publish and generate a link, can it be embedded into a website?

  8. I got a basic question and may seem stupid to ask but I am new to this field. I want to do a virtual tour of a replica WW1 trench at my local museum for my digital archaeology module and was wondering can you use the 3d phot option on my Huawei phone to take the photos needed to work through Cupix or do I need to buy a 3D camera? i am a student so obviously saving money is my preference haha but if I needed to buy a 3d camera on a budget what would work?

  9. it seems like my quality is so terrible even after I post it live. Why is it that the quality is so much better when we use any other software such as Kuula or round me. Cupix is the only software (besides matterport) that does a virtual walk through and I value that, how it just makes it to damn blurry (using the same pics). Do you know why this is?

  10. Nice job.
    I noticed though that on the virtual tour the cam shows in the end of the hall way . was that a mirror ?
    (Edit: Thats the OTHER cam . Silly me ! )
    Thank you for the great video

  11. Anyone tell me how to add some interactive activities in this VR footage.
    I used to used Actionscript to do the interactive contents. So any suggestions, Thank you?

  12. Cupix not free anymore unfortunately:(

  13. Hey Ben, why is it that in the Publisher and Layout tabs the image looks super high res (shot with insta360 one x) but when i go to view it after I've published it, it's blurry and not high res anymore?

  14. Can I use the GoPro hero 7 black to take photos for a virtual tour for real estate?

  15. So, 4 shots every 2 ft (a 90° turn for each shot) or 1 shot?

  16. Thats cool ?

  17. Ben…I've been experimenting with different virtual tour services with mixed results. Regardless, when you complete a tour for a client and publish it on a service, how do you handle the monthly license cost of the service? Do you keep charging your clients for this service?

  18. You're great! Thanks Ben!

  19. Cupix is not free. Unless you are using 250mb files or smaller….which is garbage resolution.

  20. Well Cupix is only free up to
    250 MB and 3 times a month.
    Dont think you can store much tour from a house with 250 MB?

  21. Is Cupix actually free? Thanks

  22. Stupid question, the software is free but how do you host it? Do people prefer the matterport edit software?

  23. Can this be done in video?

  24. Hi Ben!
    Thanks for your video.
    Need your help…!
    Is the selfie stick compatible with GoPro Fusion?

  25. can you use the iStaging attachment to an iphone to get the 360 pictures, and then upload it to Cupix to put it all together? I don't want to buy a separate 360 camera…

  26. Ben, I stumbled across your channel after buying an Insta360 One X, as well as Shanil and The360guy (not sure what his name is). In any event, all three of your channels are great.

    I recently purchased the "Claremont" selfie stick and await it's delivery. In any event, I noticed in this video that you didn't heed your own advice, which is that if you have an incredibly bright side (the window) and a much darker side (the office), one should turn the camera perpendicular to the bright source, so that an equal amount of light hits each sensor. Did you not do that because of the way Cupix needs to stitch the individual shots together and therefore the front of the camera needs to point at the spot where you will take the next photo, is it because you were afraid of a seam down the middle of the office floor, was it that the office was lit enough that the inside lighting wasn't much dimmer than the outside, or was it just a simple oversight?

    Anyway, thanks for posting these.

  27. Great tutorial. That is my goal, to do real estate video Thanks for posting it and yes, I would like to see more video tour tutorials.

  28. Holy moly, Thank you so much for showing this!!!!

  29. Fantastic!!!! Thank you Ben.

  30. What if I have an 180 camera

  31. Thank you for the tutorial, love your stuff.
    Now I am creating tours for real estate do you have any suggestions on where I can host the URL online without it using up my CUPIX storage? Is there anyway I can embed the tour into my clients website and it stay there permanently?

    I don't want to post some tours to Google Maps as it is of clients homes.

    Thanks in advance, you really are a credit to this community.

  32. Ben Claremont Sir. I just want to thank you for this tutorial. Very very helpful.

  33. Do you like the insta360 cam more than the xaiomi mi sphere? Is the price difference worth it?

  34. thanks for this tutorial man, very helpful

  35. Helpful video but calling a monopod a selfie stick makes me cringe lol

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