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Vrei să retrăiești zilele de explorare și să completezi secțiunile goale ale hărții?
Google nu a condus prin orașul dvs. atât de mult, încât 2 restaurante chineze diferite au venit și au plecat de la ultima actualizare a Hărții?
Doriți să vă înregistrați aventura, astfel încât să o puteți împărtăși cu lumea?
Vă puteți încărca propriile imagini în Google Street View folosind o cameră GoPro Fusion 360. În acest videoclip vă voi arăta cum.

Actualizare: Tururile nu au părăsit niciodată starea „Procesare”. Am contactat asistența tehnică Panoskin și mi-au spus că, pe baza faptului că Google Street App arată, se pare că tururile sunt procesate. Software-ul Trailblazer este încă în Beta și au înregistrat acest lucru ca un bug care va trebui să fie rezolvat în versiunile viitoare. Deocamdată, mi-au sugerat să editez numele turneului în „Procesat”, pentru a-mi aminti că sunt terminate.

GoPro Fusion: https://amzn.to/2FejFYr
Programul Trailblazer: https://www.panoskin.com/trailblazer
Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps
Afișare aferentă FlarecorpMedia: https://flarecorpmedia.com/feed/2019/6/16/google-street-view-tutorial-gopro-fusion

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  1. Great Video very informative

  2. Did you do one for Insta360 one x

  3. Yes. Show us Insta360-turtorial

  4. Please post more how to with street views app I’m having a ton of problems. I’m using the insta360 One X

  5. Does this apps cost anything?

  6. Thx for the great video 🙂 Can you share where to find the accessories you used on the car?

  7. How can i blur the nadir without lose gps data?
    I can't find the way in interval video mode

  8. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Which camera would you recommend – GoPro Fusion, Insta360 or Rivoh theta V?

  9. Can anyone tell about your experience of waiting to downloading panoramas on Google? Is it really 2 weeks?

  10. Sooo, you work for Google but don't get paid?

  11. What pole did you use and how did you fix your Fusion on your car? I need stable accessories to place on the car when I drive on the unpaved roads. Could you give me suggestions?

  12. Once it's processing, can you close TrailBlazer?

  13. Hello, yours TrailBlazer works?

  14. For about 4 days my TrailBlazer application no longer uploads any video. is it a general problem at all? or it's just a problem for me

  15. Great video for the GoPro Fusion 360 and Google Street View. Can we please have an Insta360 tutorial as well? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi, this is great news, but
    I would have a few questions 🙂
    This is probably just uploading streets that haven't been made by Google or not? Ccan I update current Street View and if so which view will be displayed first? And the last question :), can it also be displayed on a mobile phone and tablet?

  17. Great video. Have done a few insta360 one x video mode street view. It seems to be an easier workflow, but only in 4k resolution.

  18. I read on a local guides discussion that some people were using 24fps while recording but I noticed your camera didn't have that setting option.

  19. Very helpful. Thanks for the 5 sec video rendering tip. So you video time lapse is way better right?

  20. Hello! Can you tell me how can I edit the car below the picture?

  21. Thanks for your informative video! Do you know what happens if I upload an Existent road, already mapped on SV? Google car will be the default? my new capture will be the default?

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