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Cum să obțineți Street View pe Google Maps.

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  1. Yeah but not all locations have that semi white circle and mostly only general photos available instead of an actual street view and I thought your video would be smart enough to explain that on what to do when this semi circle is missing and still navigate Street view wise!!!!!!

  2. Is there a way to upload pictures to Google Street View from a PC instead of using the Street View app? I would like to first download the photos from my camera to my computer to do color and exposure corrections before posting to Street View.

  3. How to change the direction like left or right side?

  4. How can I delete my photo?
    Подскажите, как удалить свою панораму, загруженную в Просмотр улиц (google street).

  5. bro ur screen too big i cant comment

  6. It just a black screen.

  7. Why Cant we move to the left side or right side

  8. Can you add english subtitles, i can't understand what's you're speaking.

  9. You didn't help everyone noes that allready

  10. Not working in OPPO A57

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