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Acest videoclip sunt eu și prietenii mei căutând prin imagini amuzante de pe stradă pe Google Maps Sper că v-a plăcut videoclipul! Vă rugăm să aruncați un like și un comentariu, ar fi foarte apreciat! : D

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Prieteni din acest videoclip:
Exzd: https://www.youtube.com/Exzeedee
Hyper: https://www.youtube.com/r4boys


  1. This sum funny hahahs right here

  2. We better subscrible so we don’t get dead by Googly Eye Earth man.

  3. Bruh I legit have an elderly man in my neighborhood who walks his dogs IN A STROLLER every day

  4. 3:41 Who else noticed like a little dog on her backpack?

  5. You should you go see fucking in austria

  6. Go to Google maps, search up Pee Pee island and go to the photos, you won't be disappointed…

  7. look up the largest coke can

  8. Search Amadora Portugal, PS: there is a bad place to visit in real life

  9. Make this a series you’re pulling people in from recommendations

  10. Can you go to pee pee island

  11. I bet they filmed this at 3am

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