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Probabil că sunteți destul de familiar cu Google Street View. Funcția Google Maps vă permite să călătoriți practic pe străzile din întreaga lume. Având în vedere marea cantitate de fotografii pe care le-au făcut pe străzile noastre, nu este surprinzător că au surprins câteva scene destul de perfect cronometrate, hilare.

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"Feelin Good" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licențiat în baza Creative Commons: Prin Atribuire 3.0


  1. I can't believe the savage teen is on there doing this?? search up BarkaBar in Italy see a triangular roundabout go on street view go around the roundabout until you see someone's hand out the car doing this??

  2. How do people know when the Google car is coming I'd like to know

  3. Apple maps came to my area instead of google maps ?

  4. Can u look at my street it is 430 nocolds cre Noble Park

  5. ammmmm… peple is crazy ?

  6. I saw an apple maps car does that count? ?

  7. UK definitely has some of the funniest scenes.

  8. why tf is it age restricted?!

    (oh wait i see it now)

  9. A G E R E S T R I C T E D V I D E O W T F Y O U T U B E

  10. My brother found a little kid falling

  11. I found the meg on Google Earth

  12. Who is here for thumbnail??

  13. There almost all in Scotland

  14. I don’t feel comfortable anymore

  15. The middle finger guy of Qaqortoq

  16. I just realised number 10 is in Cottesloe Perth…

  17. I found myself and my mum on my street lol! They re took them though

  18. 2:06 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I found myself on google maps eating an apple

  20. Can you tell me where the highway is I need it for……….. research

  21. 2:58 that is a thumbnail for another video

  22. The guy in the trash can is not a child

  23. Ok, so the blurred out images are not fake but when you show the real image behind the blur… can we assume these ARE fake?

  24. In my old town it caught a dog pooping

  25. i dont get number 5 on the last pickthur

  26. 1:42 he’s still there after being abandoned in the Little Rascals movie ?

  27. 0:42 if i hat a Gun like that id t€ach göögle new höles ^ ^

  28. "jä! be amaced büy yör (Löwköll) ´nwöh´ ahGendä$ -.-

  29. so how ön earth did they knöw x actö when google appears ^ ^
    löl in gürrmänni whöle houses have anönimice ^^

  30. The Google car caught me masturbating in a closed windowless closet.

  31. Lol fortnite skin 2018 and his vidio is 2015

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