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Deci doriți să filmați tururi virtuale, dar nu puteți decide ce cameră să cumpărați. În acest videoclip am așezat cele mai bune patru camere 360 ​​din 2018 și le-am evaluat pe toți factorii importanți pentru a determina un câștigător CLEAR.

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  1. I like your video. I compare fusion vs theta V. ??????

  2. Would you still recommend the theta v for someone looking to get into real estate photography?

  3. must absolutely avoid the THeta for the simple reason battery and internal memory card, I had the theta s, the Gopro is the top and removable battery and card also and in addition the quality super, no criticism to give it

  4. Hello ben , i sell cars and want to do a simple 360 of the interior, what would be my best option? thanks

  5. Thanks for you great video. I make Virtual tours with a SLR full frame camera and a fish eye. Quality is grate but I´m looking for a faster, easy, and les expensive virtual tour. So the question is at this moment what camera do you recommend for virtual tours basic for
    real estate. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for the video. Please recommend suitable accessories for GoPro Fusion such as stands, lenses, etc. Thank you.

  7. Please, please please!!! I purchased my home 4 years ago. The old real estate pictures are still up… they are not flattering. How can I get the old video taken down

  8. what is your opinion on the matterport?

  9. Can you recreate this video for 2019 using the OneX versus the Fusion for virtual tours?

  10. Thanks for sharing wonderful information. It will help me to take calculated decision to purchase my first 360० camera

  11. hello Ben, what is your solution to the low light issue? what is your lighting solution for taking indoor/night videos with a 360 camera? do you have any suggestion for lighting gadgets for 360 camera? thanks!

  12. thank You!!!! you are the best !! Excelent video información

  13. I loved it…. is THETA V support for Veer EXPERIENCE software……?

  14. Hi Ben, how would the new One X do in this battle?

  15. Спасибо!
    Очень информативное видео, все твои обзоры смотрю с удовольствием!

  16. A great comparison of 360 cameras! I'd love to see the same cameras tested against low light virtual tours e.g. spaces with no, or minimal lighting including restaurants, bars etc. Thanks for the upload and keep up the good work! ??

  17. Ben, Thank you for the well explained video. What camera would YOU recommend for Low-Light situations? We use 360degree LED Lights to provide workspace lighting and will this "contaminate" the pics rendering them useless for a 360 video? Would love to see a video addressing this! Thanks

  18. Nice video, after watching this vid and your more recent review of the Insta360 ONE X, which camera would you recommend for virtual tours? Insta360 ONE X or the Theta V?

  19. hi, thx for the great video …. tried to download the "virtual_tour_samples.zip"…… even after attempting to download multiple times it kept failing …..my order no is 747511005
    …… can u send me a separate file for theta v and fusion …. so that I can check them before I decide to purchase…..

  20. I would like to see you do this with the new 360’s that are out.

  21. if you had an budget of about 1500 dollars and to film 360 videos inside but also on hikking trails or beaches but also inside of churches or restaurants…what would you use? thanks for your help

  22. I love your videos, they are serving me a lot right now and I will basically buy your suggestion, I was worried about my budget because I looked your other video about the best 360 and was thinking in the fusion, but now… relief!! lets go for the theta!!

  23. Is it just me or Cupix lowers the resolution/quality of pictures ? (even tho it says its 100% quality when upload) Coz when compare orig pics with tour it seems obvious. Is here anything I can do about it?

  24. Hi Ben, did you checked kandao qoocam for 360 tours ? I m between theta v and the qoocam. Thanks !

  25. Hey ben idl if you will see this but i have been watching your videos and idk what to do i want a 360 camera because i plan on going to cuba but cuba only has 3 spots with wifi and i plan to do a bunch of recording because i want to be able to re live the moments so what camera do you recommend

  26. say, since the theta cameras are so cool – is the theta V really the best contender for 360° tours – or is the older Theta SE that has pretty much the same photo features (not video though!) but costs far less? 🙂

  27. How to take it on large scale?

  28. Great comparison, thanks! To increase de dynamic range on my photos i take multiple raw exposures and combine in one final picture in lightroom, is possible to do that with the raw from these cameras?

  29. Great video man! Very informative. Can I ask you if for example the Theta V camera can be used for record video in motion? I mean for example I flew in first class on Emirates Boeing 777, was an amazing experience. I took many pictures, but maybe have a good 360 video will be better the next time. The same when I visit a museum for example, or outdoors architecture in different countries. Do you think that the Theta V is the best price/performance for travelers? Thank you in advance. Juan

  30. Between Rylo and Theta V with low light, which one is better?

  31. Great Channel! The Insta one is no option for me, as long as there is no full compatibility with android. The sphere is to slim to hide normal sticks/mounts. Can you recommend an alternative for android?

  32. As of today, would you still rank the Theta V first?

  33. Madv360 in DNG mode shoot braketing and you can stitch on android with MiConverter and do HDR on android and patch tripod on android and make tour on android

  34. nice vid man. how do they stack up against each other for video?

  35. Love your work. I chose Insta360 ONE, as I use iPhone, iPad and iMac. I can plug the Insta360 ONE straight into my iPhone and have very quick reviews and to show people. Quality is good enough and I can use plug in storage. (Bought 32GB Sandisk Extreme). The s/w is very stable and usable. The gimmicky "bullet" mode is fun (never heard of a bullet that flies in a circle! Should be called Vulture mode! LOL).

  36. I am soon to do a virtual tour of an old home (early 1800's) for the National Park Service which is about to undergo a renovation. They just want to have a baseline prior to the work being done. I currently have a Theta S. I was thinking of upgrading to the Gopro Fusion prior to viewing this video that is. Would it be worth me upgrading from the Theta S to the Theta V? Have there been any changes since this video which would warrent the Gopro Fusion? I am not really concerned about the price difference or whether I even upgrade or not. I am interested in outputting the best quality between the three possible 360 cameras. Thanks!

    p.s. the shoot is somewhat of a low light situation as the windows are limited as is the interior lighting.

    Update: After doing further research it appears that at a minimum I should at least upgrade to the Theta V. I would prefer to spend the extra money updating to the Fusion but as of your comparison it appears that the Theta V would be better for my purposes. (ok, so I really want a Fusion but I have to go with the one that will work better for a virtual tour. Any chance things have changed with the Fusion to warrant moving to it?)

  37. Hey Ben, could you tell us how you narrowed it down to these 4 cameras for virtual tours?

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