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Google Australia a început subacvatic Street View încă din 2012, de atunci au încărcat imagini subacvatice de 360 ​​de grade din întreaga lume. Dar până acum, reciful Ningaloo de pe coasta australiană occidentală a fost neînvățat ca să zic așa.
Google Australia m-a invitat să etichetez împreună cu echipa de scufundări în timp ce surprind reciful Ningaloo pentru Google Street View, ce zi minunată ?.

Accesați scufundări cu Google Street View aici: https://bit.ly/2M7KGR3

Vezi Christophe Bailhache și lucrările pe care Pământul Subacvatic le face aici: https://www.underwater.earth/

Dacă doriți să susțineți canalul, apucați stickerele, cămășile și glugele noastre la:


  1. I used to work for Dive Ningaloo, incredible operators. got to drive the red Rib most days and then dive every day on the reef. incredible place.

  2. You legend! So proud and so excited and happy for you !! Strength to Strength!! Well done! ?☺️

  3. It’s not just the useful info that you give in your videos that I really like but it’s also your positive attitude. Keep it up mate! ??

  4. What's going on mate I'm missing watching ya vids with me 2nd cuppa in the morning…

  5. Glad you got to help and experience the dive.

  6. wow, what a huge experience.. congratulations

  7. I would do snorkeling but no goggles fit me because of my of the gap near my eyes

  8. WoW ! What an Awesome opportunity & excellent content for you. Please don't ever give into commercialism but joint honest adventures like this are very cool. Just stay "Yourself" Love your work!! Enjoy!

  9. What editing software do you use.?

  10. WOW Michael that was a fantastic show! Yet again you were so informative with all the details. Looked like you had a ball and a big congratulations to you for being invited by the Google team to tag along, well done mate.
    Keep the docco's coming your doing an amazing job.

  11. Wow 5 thumbs down, who does that.

  12. Awesome snorkle, wicked coral in the waters around Aus….. btw please please tell me you got the short haired blond girls's number, or at least went camping or hiking with her

  13. So Fun!…I hope someday to get there. Please consider Velcro Patches, I would PROUDLY add one to the "ceiling" of my 4runner

  14. A well deserved adventure. A massive thanks to Google and yourself for including us all on this expedition.

  15. You have not stretched before this adventure ?

  16. Love your enthusiasm, great work!

  17. wow you are so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to see what google do when mapping our planet you are the eyes for us people that may never get to do this adventure. I really do love your channel and keep up the great work mate 10/10.

  18. Keep it up young fella, love your work – Peter V.

  19. I told my wife 6 months ago that you’d be the next big thing for the Australian out door scene, looks like it’s happening for you mate. Well done. You’ll be quitting your day job soon big things ahead for you.

  20. Here’s a suggestion now that you have some google friends. Maybe they should sponsor you to do google “bush view”. Some of the awesome places you go and your camera work is not too shabby….. just like the reef not many can get there… note I’ll trade mark “bush view”. A trip or two will pay it off.

  21. An amazing and stunning video, and how awesome to be invited by Google as well!

  22. Wow Michael, what a unique experience!! You deserve it. Cheers!

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