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Așteptați-vă să vedeți o nouă flotă de camere Google Google View pe drum. Noile lor imagini și, eventual, ale voastre, ajută compania să indice inteligența artificială locurile lumii.

Încă nu v-ați abonat la WIRED pe YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7

CABLAT este locul unde mâine se realizează. Prin povești și videoclipuri provocatoare de gândire, WIRED explorează viitorul afacerilor, inovației și culturii.

Actualizări epice pentru Google Maps Street View | WIRED


  1. Di mana saya bisa mendapat camera ini

  2. I'm travelling to Cambodia and all the maps a nd street views are so outdated -_-

  3. God I love the new cameras. They're much more detailed and vibrant. They need to deploy it worldwide

  4. Die Google Die! Die YouTube Die! Facebook already DEAD! Next is Twitters death!

  5. Like!
    Si no sabes lo que dicen, porque no hablas ingles?

  6. China? Vietnam? India? and other big countries?

  7. Google já tem até a configuração topográfica das casas !!! Imagina essas informações nas mãos de terroristas ? ( Já passou dos limites faz tempo, toda essa informação na mão de "alienígenas", tem que ser muito ingênuo para não perceber o perigo disso…A Coréia do Norte está certa, esse tipo de informação não deveria estar nas mãos de ninguém).

  8. I've noticed the circled arrow isn't allowing you to go down a street it jumps all over the place HATE IT!!!!

  9. You can’t speak English either, pal. 1.41, it’s ‘pronunciation’

  10. Hi there, I am addicted to taking 360 ° photos of my hometown Oujda, Northeast of Morocco. Search for Oujda and see my clumsy job/ Thanks. NB I am using my Samsung galaxy 6s.

  11. Google why wouldn’t u redo my neibirhood picture it’s like 4 years old and there’s a random blue spot on my house ? and I’m tired of it 🙁

  12. The folks at app development have made it impossible to view any of the photos you take. They drooped an upgrade bomb on maps and who knows when it will be fixed

  13. Google has not come to Guyana, South America

  14. I live in a small town in Canada where it was first mapped for Streetview in 2009 completely then only updated the main street in 2013.

  15. So that’s what all those CAPTCHA has been doing.

  16. Typical, cos their showing parts of Africa they have to show only the slums.

  17. more than a decade and there is still no street view in damascus

  18. the correct pronunciation of pneus (wich means tires) would sound something like "pee nails"

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