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Descărcați amino și căutați să vă alăturați amino paranormal!

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  1. first one isnt that disturbing. my heart goes out to her instead. shes grieving and finding a relatively healthy way to cope with it. some people create art or write. she just decided to create dolls. in a way its nice as i dont think many of the people there have been marked by graves or burials

  2. The case of Ariel Castro was on Dr.Phil a few years ago if anyone wants more info about it…

  3. Oh man don' t blurr the good stuff

  4. Those poor fucking girls. You can never truly understand the horror of what they've been through, and I hope that they have beautifully lovely lives filled with joy and peace.


  6. Nuclear war light hearted? Dam bro you crazy

  7. This guy voice gives me chills from his voice I swear

  8. I lost my first car back in 2010 after the poor guy got sick and couldnt afford his medical bills but if i go on maps and check out my old adress i can catch a glimpse of my boy. First time i saw it i cried my eyes out but it was still a comfort seeing him

  9. They should have chained this Keys Guy up to a post cemented into the ground in Alaska and then lured in the Grizzly Bears! Dinner is served!

  10. These videos make me scared to even sleep next to my spouse at night I don’t believe he would do that he loves me very much but … what if one day something happens inside him out of the blue then shoots me in the head… what if one day the same thing happened To me. Something just snapped and I went on a killing spree I’m a very sweet and compassionate person so I know I wouldn’t but some of these people seemed to lead normal lives then one day they just out of the blue started choppin people up it really fucking scares me to know the human mind is capable of that …

  11. The way you end every sentence is a bit annoying. You dont need to emphasize it so much, makes it really hard to listen

  12. Why put on the stupid fucking YouTube voice twat

  13. I’m having trouble
    Making out your sentences
    Because they sound
    Exactly like this and
    It’s annoying as hell as well
    As confusing.

  14. Ill never understand why that creeps wife helped him kidnap a child and be okay with him raping her. She must have been sick herself or was brainwashed by her husband. Sick and disturbing

  15. Speak English you goat fuck!

  16. That motherfucker would have a miscarriage out his asshole if I caught him!

  17. Can u talk so we can understand you?

  18. A school bus driver. You just never know.

  19. Is it Greedo or Grahdo? Tomayto ot Tamato?

  20. Okay Doll World. No way. She is disturbed.

  21. My house has been randomly blurred out on google street view too..

  22. I live a couple miles from matanuska lake where Israel keys dumped that girls body. I also know another guy who downed in that lake. I refuse to fish in that lake it’s got bad mojo..

  23. The court system is bogus. So one dude is sentenced to over 400 yearsi nprisons, but his accomplice bitch wife only got 36 years?! Figgin gender bias. She shoulda gotten life too.

  24. I hate channels that tell you EVERYTHING in the beginning. Thanks!

  25. My friend, kudos to you and all involved with this channel . It is one of the top 5 on my list I watchweekly.. love the music and your strange and true content. I love this content. I am starting a channel just want to say please come by and let me know what you think when I upload my first real video. It is Blinking out/youtube.com
    And one more thing
    Please be honest. I just put a very short video or slide show up for the very first time. Please support if you will. I appreciate you and your hard work. Keep it up friend. I am John from NORTH CAROLINA. .

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