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Intră în legendarul Bătălie de la Waterloo și trăiește cea mai mare bătălie reînnoită de acest gen. La a 200-a aniversare a înfrângerii lui Napoleon Bonaparte – vă veți găsi prins în focul încrucișat cu 6200 de reenactori, 120 de canoane și 5500 de kilograme de focuri de armă.
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360 ° Bătălia de la Waterloo | National Geographic

National Geographic


  1. Singing canons? Printing on Canons?

  2. They might as well have played a football match. They could just about have made up 2 teams.

  3. horrible distorted video with horrible music .

  4. 1:49 Look on the ground to the rear of the lines. Someone not in uniform. -_-

  5. I like it but no one died olso when they fighting they’re just pushing

  6. One of few 360 videos that I can give my Likes.

  7. Wow, the new Napoleon: Total War looks really good
    (but seriously, nice video)

  8. did Holdfast release new engine overhaul or what?

  9. This new cod vr looks amazing!

  10. Was there during this 200th anniversary. Great day only spoiled by the security arseholes who pushed us around like cattle.

  11. not only brits and pussians…
    hanover dutch etc
    only main soldiers were brits and prussians

  12. Waterloo was a disaster for Europe …. Europe would be so beautiful today!

  13. My wife: what are we doing this weekend?

  14. There were not only Prussians and Englishmen, there were Dutchmen, men from duchy of Hanover/Nassau and some more too

  15. It's very good for us brother

  16. Is everyone on god mode?

  17. Napoléon, un des plus grands criminels de l'histoire.

  18. 100 years later the british and the french were married

  19. I have got mixed feelings about Waterloo : Napoleon was beaten by a coalition of the Establishment , aka the Ancien Regime ?

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