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Cele mai ciudate 20 de imagini Google Street View găsite vreodată! Cu distanța pe care trebuie să o parcurgă Google pentru a fotografia fiecare stradă din lume, nu este de mirare că au surprins niște situații mai mult decât neobișnuite pe cameră. Aruncăm o privire la 20 dintre cele mai bizare Imagini surprinse vreodată pe Google Street View!
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Informații legale

Sursa de imagini primare – istockphoto.com
Sursă video de fundal – BigStockphoto.com
Drepturi de autor pentru muzică de fundal Jason Shaw (audionautix.com)
Această lucrare este licențiată sub un Creative Commons Atribuire 3.0
Licență neportată. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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  1. The biggest WTF is the fact that I was taken to this page by clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky" on google.com

  2. If you go to google search google
    And drag the google sign to the search bar it show this title l was like wtf

  3. anyone eles love this guys voice he sounds like ignis from final fantasy XD

  4. toed ten plus one accidental case incentive published

  5. I wonder if anyone is tasked on following up some of these photos; for example the ones where it looks like a crime was being committed or someone may need help; like the man stuck in the trash can? I don't believe anyone at Google sits all day viewing the photos take all over the world but there seems like there should be someone to contact when something really weird comes up. Or instead, do people just contact the police and then they can follow up on the location information? I just was thinking if there was a department like I described at Google, to follow up on weird things seen on the photos; it could almost be a reality TV series, sort of like X-Files on reality TV.

  6. This is the first video that comes up if you drag the google logo url into the google search. Google secretly advertised this video!

  7. wait so there is a place called Lawrenceburg TN Russia is a place…..or is that my imagination

  8. I litterally just moved the google logo in the search bar and pressed enter

  9. Man muss nicht jedes bild 3x zeigen nur um 5 Minuten voll zu bekommen.

  10. Stop posting shit videos! Whenever I mean SHIT I'm getting at the narration on the video. 1:10 That's not Russia! That's Lawrenceburg, TN.

  11. May what's ab 00923103214855 hallo

  12. I Googled Google, and this is what I get.

  13. Here I am in Canada…in the midst of similar street views LOL loved all

  14. Did anyone besides me notice that the woman was "giving birth" with her yoga pants on?

  15. su……………………….

  16. Half of these aren't even Google street views.

  17. The "monkey" in the bike looks more like a stuffed animal penguins to me! Are we sure that's what it is??

  18. There is one RIOT in Belgrade, Serbia caught. Hahaa

  19. That wasn't an assault rifle it appeared to be a bolt action hunting rifle you dipshit eurotard.

  20. 0:52 ok, there, feel free to skip the rest of the video.

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