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În ce țară a fost împușcat un șofer Google Street View? Ce se întâmplă dacă doriți ca Street View să vă arate ceva care nu este o stradă … sau chiar pe Pământ? Iată încă 15 dintre cele mai nebunești și mai frumoase lucruri pe care le puteți găsi pe Google Street View
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Video povestit de Dolan https://twitter.com/TheDDGuides
Script scris de TimeWanderer https://www.twitch.tv/timewanderer33
Video editat de martiAn https://twitter.com/trekkie_martian

Credite imagine și surse de informații pentru acest videoclip: https://pastebin.com/Hg0jfVwi
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Kevin MacLeod „DD Groove” (incompetech.com)
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  1. I saw my adoptive father on google maps xD

  2. … no pinned comment = no favourite comment?

  3. I saw a while on google maps of wait it was your mom.

  4. "15 Google Street View Images Nobody Can Explain"
    Proceeds to explain all of the images.

  5. I found the Millennium  Falcon in the UK.

  6. Since, so far, all of these have an explanation, the title is really misleading. Should just be "unusual images" or something. Otherwise, I enjoyed the countdown, thanks for another video!

  7. 'Images nobody can explain'. Bullshit title is bullshit.

  8. I found myself on google street view once…

  9. I think this guy is Robin Williams, when he was alive. I can't prove it but its in Sausalito, drive down the main st, from downtown away from the Golden Gate. On the right there's a guy acting crazy like he would with a tee shirt that says "Adopt" on it and 2 other people near him. He's opening his arms at the camera on the right side on the corner not far from the center of town. It just looks like something he'd do. He lived across the way in Tiburon. I could be wrong. Loved the guy.

  10. 1:39 That's Brighton ! It's where I live 😀

  11. I found myself on google maps once. One of the rare occasions I actually go outside.

  12. who knows maybe the guy in COLOMBIA does know the driver and it was some sort of prank, or their trolling google or he DID try to kill the driver, I dunno the simpler explenation is usually the correct one though..

  13. For some reason I like the cries of seagulls. They have a calming effect on me. And for some reason they also make me feel a little bit nostalgic and homesick – although I never even lived anywhere close to where seagulls could have been.

  14. Lies!.. I just googled arch street.. there is no chicken.?

  15. The bear being chased was NOT an american black bear. The picture came from Russia. Not the U.S.

  16. My mom found our house in Ocean Shores once and our dogs were in the back yard. They showed up on Google Maps.

  17. google seems to really hate fun and free speech

  18. You used my favorite song for this! Danse Macabre

  19. back in my home town you can see the tiny down town fair, but you can only see it for 1 frame on 1 street and in one position

  20. We used to do psychedelics and one morning we got the idea to look at the different cow fields to look for mushrooms kn the patties. We didn't see any but still a good idea i thought

  21. I once found one of my neighbors bending over in front of her mail box it was in a trailer park where the mail boxes were at the enterence so you could go inside acouple of feet and see some lady bent over

  22. luck program blood fyntvs flour privilege usual library angle will.

  23. His voice is annoying. First video of him I've seen

  24. ugh, I love Dolan's voice.

  25. In the shopping centre near where I live, on Streetview, there's a bunch of people just staring at the camera while looking simultaneously confused and mortified. It's like something out of Shaun of the Dead!

  26. One of classmates from school was on Google maps

  27. Any Estonians here saw a familiar place at 04:10? Tallinn, Gonsiori tänav haha

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