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Top 10 lucruri înfricoșătoare surprinse pe Google Maps Maps
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Charlie din Top 10s contează pe primele 10 lucruri înspăimântătoare prinse pe Google Street Maps! De la descoperirile înfricoșătoare și înfiorătoare găsite pe google maps și google earth până la descoperiri misterioase și neexplicate de pe Google Street View, aici sunt cele mai nesoluționate și ciudate lucruri de văzut vreodată pe Google Maps și pe strada care a mers viral!

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  2. I looked Oshima Island it had a weird red thingy and a house just surrounded by the trees.

  3. Can someone tell me the coordinates for the Illuminati one.

  4. You know what I don’t get it’s says 11 things but you guys name is top 10 y’all are very dumb ??‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️

  5. I bet you thought this was a Chills video

  6. It says come DOWNTOWN and play—-it is a marketing thing-not scary….none of this is scary or spooky or making me scared.

  7. The baby one is the creepyest! I can't stand a child alone!

  8. I was about to subscribe and then realized it was a clickbait thumbnail. Maybe next time

  9. It’s to big to be an animal or an “air plane”

  10. Why did they blur the tigers face, did he not want to sign the release

  11. no. 9 is probably ozymandias

  12. I wonder if they can do a top ten allegories.

  13. 911 likes, 119 dislikes…
    The ratings are reversed XD

  14. Magic closet downtown chop meanwhile severe wife peer eliminate which

  15. Why is the tittle 11 scary things caught on google maps but on the video it is top 10

  16. the trash one is kinda creepy

  17. the dog is cute (that probily cuz i have a pit bull )

  18. for the broken face i think someone was doing a supise art project for a social event of some sort and gave up and left it there

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